ThunderRidge Football: Jordano Scott's new team

ThunderRidge Football: Jordano Scott's new team


ThunderRidge Football: Jordano Scott's new team


On the field.

At the dinner table.

Certainly at ThunderRidge High School. Jordano Scott’s team is everywhere.

“Coming from 1 school to another, especially high school is a big move,” Scott told 9News.

Scott transferred to ThunderRidge from Lakewood this year.

 He had no choice, his mom, Yolanda is sick, likely suffering with ALS also known as  Lou Gherig’s Disease.  She moved in to a nursing home this year, and Jordano moved in with family friends that attend ThunderRidge.

“It was a big move but it’s been working out pretty good there, and it’s nice,” said Scott.

Andrea Brown and her family were happy to add one more to the dinner table.

“I think that’s awesome. There should be more people like her, said Scott, “Accepting me in to her house is a super nice thing to do.”

“If he wasn’t with them, this would be really hard on me,” Yolanda Scott told 9News, “That was my biggest fear, my children.”

Yolanda is at peace with her diagnosis.

Jordano puts on a strong face and doesn’t talk about it too much.

“Coming in to a new school and then my mom being sick then it’s really helped coming here and playing football and my ‘Band of Brothers’ helping me get thru this,” said Scott

It’s amazing what can get done, with a little team work.


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