Training regimen helps Jesuit (Fla.) baseball stay stronger longer

Training regimen helps Jesuit (Fla.) baseball stay stronger longer

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Training regimen helps Jesuit (Fla.) baseball stay stronger longer


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Jesuit (Tampa, Fla.) knows a thing or two about disappointment. The Tigers advanced to the Class 4A state championship in 2010 and 2011, only to lose to Archbishop McCarthy (Southwest Ranches, Fla.) both times. 

The cause of the losses made them even more painful. 

“We weren’t in shape – we weren’t ready to go,” senior first baseman Max Beermann said.

Rather than wallow in their sorrows and risk wearing down for a third straight year, Jesuit did something about it in 2012. To combat the fatigue that has plagued his team in recent seasons, coach Richie Warren instituted a new in-season training regimen.

PDF of Jesuit's Training Program

The program, which supplements the team’s regular weightlifting routine, includes four stations:

Rice buckets: Players target the muscles in their forearms, wrists and fingers by performing five different movements with their hands submerged in buckets of dry rice. 

Abs: Sit-ups and crunches help players keep their core strong. 

Agility ladder: Players run through an agility ladder placed on the ground with lateral and diagonal foot patterns, high knees and hops to hone their quickness and reaction time. 

Resistance bands: This convenient alternative to lifting weights helps players target the reactive muscles used when throwing.

Jesuit hopes the extra work it has put in during the regular season pays off when it matters most. If Jesuit falls short for a third straight year, it won’t be because the Tigers weren’t physically prepared.

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