Under Armour basketball shoe made for small and big players

Under Armour basketball shoe made for small and big players


Under Armour basketball shoe made for small and big players


We recently shared a few details about Under Armour’s Charge basketball shoe. The kick features a high-top structure, but is designed to feel low to the ground.

We caught up with senior footwear designer Ross Klein to pull back the curtain on Under Armour’s most innovative basketball shoe to hit the hardwood.

What inspired the creation of the Charge basketball shoe?
The shoe was developed specifically after looking at our players. We have very strong players, and we have very fast players, and this shoe encompasses [features for] both types.

So any position can wear the shoe?
This is a shoe that’s so unique that every player can wear it — small guys and big guys.

How does the shoe address a variety of fit needs?
We took into account different types of arch, heel and forefoot widths and came up with something that’s generous for everybody. The last is like a resin type of shell—it’s made for 97 percent of the population.

The shoe's high profile helps protect the ankles, but the design offers flexibility of a low cut. Why combine both?
A lot of players’ injuries happen because shoes are so low that ankles are not secure and roll. We focused on trying to develop a low [profile], but also incorporate the strengths and abilities of a high [top]. This shoe still allows motion laterally and medially. We’re also allowing a hinge (around the heel) that flexes with the way the foot moves.

The shoe's bottom has an interesting design. Tell us about it.
Two different motions are happening in two different sections of your foot. So we decoupled the heel to the forefoot, meaning you can have more ease of movement and flexibility — and a natural feel.

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Under Armour basketball shoe made for small and big players
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