University Lab (La.) football star Tim Williams talks training

University Lab (La.) football star Tim Williams talks training


University Lab (La.) football star Tim Williams talks training


“Going full speed and crushing the workout” is how top football prospect Tim Williams says he tackles training.

A defensive end for University Lab (Baton Rouge, La.), Williams is coveted by LSU and Alabama, and more than a dozen other top programs.

Recently named to the first Preseason American Family Insurance ALL-USA Team, Williams, who had 16 sacks and 115 tackles as a junior, enters his senior season with the goal of winning a championship. Below, Williams breaks down the training that has prepared him to produce on the field.

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How do you approach workouts?
Williams: I’m relentless. I give my body 100 percent. I don’t leave anything. I just give it my all.

What was the focus of your summer training?  
My goal was to get faster and stronger. I did a lot of conditioning and running, and I lifted four days a week.

What lifts are heavy on your strength-building list?
I like to use my lower body. I did a lot of power cleans and squats. I’m a taller player, so it takes a long time for me to get down and come back up with the weight. [The squat is] one exercise I don’t have the most fun doing, but I do it because I know it’s going to help me on the field.

What’s a unique drill that gives you an edge?
I use tennis balls to work on my hand speed and hand-eye coordination. I dribble the ball and make sure I can catch it. I focus on both hands because I want to be a versatile player.

Sometimes I bounce the ball off the wall to simulate the game. When I come off the line, the linemen put their hands on me, and I have to anticipate their speed so I can have the advantage.

What foods help power your training?
I eat a lot of rice and bread to keep my weight up. I also eat a lot of fruit. I always keep a banana with me when I go to school and for after workouts.

My favorite meal is crawfish etouffee with a piece of catfish at the bottom of the rice. It’s making me hungry right now.

How does hydration factor into your training?
Every time I hydrate I always think of the next day of practice. I keep a water bottle in my book bag and drink it during class. After workouts, I drink water and Gatorade.

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