Week 5 Top HS Performers (Sept. 16-Sept. 22

Week 5 Top HS Performers (Sept. 16-Sept. 22


Week 5 Top HS Performers (Sept. 16-Sept. 22


We’ve reached the official start of autumn,
which means the spotlight is starting to shine a little brighter on area

With each passing week, the teens become more and more aware that their opportunities to
showcase their skills during the fall sports season are zooming by.

Instead of picking last week’s standout
performances from afar, the staff at usatodayhss.com/Cleveland
again asked the site’s Twitter followers – fans and participants who were
actually at all of the conference games to witness the clutch plays – to give
their input.

After all, what’s better for an athlete
than being publicly recognized for his standout play in a pivotal game by a

Read the responses we received below. Then,
join the conversation by contacting usatodayhss.com/Cleveland via Facebook
and/or Twitter and telling us
about the elite performances you witnessed in Week 5 of the fall sports season.

It’s not too late to give one of your
teammates a virtual pat on the back; your social media comments will be added
to the story!


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