Wheat Ridge's Swanson set for double-duty

Wheat Ridge's Swanson set for double-duty


Wheat Ridge's Swanson set for double-duty


It’s a big step up.

“I’m definitely worried,” said Wheat Ridge graduate Nick Swanson.

He will be an NCAA student athlete this fall. It’s a lot to handle but he’s going to make it even more complicated by playing 2 sports in college.

“It’s going to be a challenge. Life throws challenges at you and this is one that I think I can overcome,” Swanson told 9News.

A 2-time state champ on the mats, Swanson received a scholarship to wrestle at Colorado Mesa University, and the way he looks at it, he gets to play football too.

“That’s what made me decide where I was going to go, was who was going to let me play football,” said Swanson.

2 tough sports to juggle though, he’ll be expected to bulk up for football, and then lose weight to wrestle. He’s been doing that for years anyway. Why stop now?

“I’ve been waiting for this day to go play up at a University my whole life and I never thought I’d be playing 2 sports and it’s pretty special, and I’m going to take advantage of it,” said Swanson.

He’ll have to split his time between two teams in college, and he better keep some aside for the books as well.

“I’m gonna have to find time I guess,” he said smiling.


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