2013 Home News Tribune boys soccer teams at a glance

2013 Home News Tribune boys soccer teams at a glance


2013 Home News Tribune boys soccer teams at a glance





Coach: Terry McKibbin, ninth season (113-45-10)

Last year’s record: 10-7-1

Top lettermen lost: Rich Kehoe (D).

Returners: Joey Gudzak (Sr., D); Anik Ray (Sr., Mid.); Luke Smalley (Sr., F); Rich Santana (Sr., Mid.); Ryan Goydos (Sr., GK); Derek Morgen (Jr., Mid.); Sean Mulhollem (Sr., D); Josh Barkoff (Jr., D); Jesse Stabinsky (Sr., D); Adam Rosa (Jr., Mid.); Kevin Walsh (Jr., D); Dennis Kotenko (Jr., GK); Robert Kamil (Sr., F); Dominic Bohorquez (Sr., D).

Newcomers: Noah Levine (Jr., D); Robert Ciuraru (So., F); Alex Mora (Jr., F); Brandon Santos (Sr., Mid.); Keysean Brant-Sharp (So., F); Sabry Georgis (Jr., Mid.); Phil Ogalo (So., D); Jason Kramer (So., F).

Outlook: The Bears bring back plenty of experience as 14 players from last year’s team. Gudzak (three goals, three assists) will be a sparkplug on the defensive side of the midfield while Ray (two goals, seven assists) is another anchor in the midfield. Mulhollem and Stabinsky are both also back to lead the defense. The big question that remains for the Bears will be who will step up on offense, as the Bears struggled at times last season. McKibbin will look to a group of younger players to try to fill that void.


Coach: Steven MacKenzie, 15th season (195-94-13)

Last year’s record: 20-7

Top lettermen lost: Luigi Buffolino (F); Sean Doyle (F); Dom Polidoro (B).

Returners: Mike Mischler (Sr., D/Mid.); Christian Corbisiero (Sr., D); Brandon Cherney (Sr., D); Tyler Utheim (Sr., GK); Corey Klaskin (Sr., Mid.); Aaron Fawzy (Sr., Mid.); Matt Anderson (Sr., Mid.); Alecko Vastardis (Sr., F); Kyle Knotts (Jr., D); Alex Infosino (Jr., Mid.); Justin Thompson (Jr., D); Shawn Reynolds (Sr., D); John Cosenza (Sr., Mid.); Sharif Aly (Sr., F); Ryan Sosnak (Sr., GK); Andres Carvajal (Sr., Mid.).

Newcomers: Alex Fernandez (So., Mid.); Zach Hroch (So., F); Hunter Merrick (Jr., D); David Durski (Jr., Mid.); Pat Monaco (Jr., F); Andrew Wang (Jr., D); Anmol Madaan (Jr., GK); Bryce Horn (Jr., GK); Shubham Ojha (Sr., D); Vincent Fernandez (Sr., F); Matt Mischler (Fr., GK/D); Justin Armour (So., D).

Outlook: For the defending GMC champions and Group IV runner-ups, the big question that looms for the Falcons is how they will compensate for the loss of Buffolino and Doyle, as the two combined for 44 goals and 32 assists a year ago. MacKenzie says the Falcons overall philosophy will not change, but their style will be dictated by the play of their experienced players. Experienced returners from the Falcons playoff run include Mischler, a defensive midfielder, along with Cherney, Klaskin, and Utheim in goal. Another key returnee for the Falcons is Corbisiero, who is back at full health after suffering a liver and spine injury during last year’s GMC Tournament.


Coach: Paul Liddy, sixth season (61-35-9)

Last year’s record: 14-5-1

Top lettermen lost: Anish Baweja (F); David Coffie-Owusu (F); Anish Roy (D); Kyle Telfer (D).

Returners: Brandon Shamy (Sr., GK); Stephen Szakacs (Sr., GK); Fifi Coffie-Owusu (Sr., D); Nick Fareri (Sr., Mid.); Devon Kaula (Sr., Mid.); Lucas Gomes (Jr., F); Brandon Mattis (Jr., Mid.); Khamisi Glover (Jr., Mid.); Jordan Luther (So., D).

Newcomers: Jared Rogers (Sr., F); Renan Marques (Sr., Mid.); Troy Chibbaro (Jr., F); GP Baier (Jr., F); Adriano Marques (Jr., Mid.); L.J. Williams (Jr., D); Jesus Huerta (Jr., D); Shane Springstead (Jr., D); Brian Mariche (So., F); Tyler Hoagland (So., D); Tyler Petrillo (So., D); Joe Scariano (So., D); Brian Cha (So., Mid.); Ivan Vallejo Arrango (So., Mid.); Chris Shamy (So., Mid.); Chris Persaud (So., Mid.).

Outlook: The reigning Red Division champs graduated nine starters and will be young at most positions. One position the Raiders will have experience in is at goalie, where Shamy and Szakacs combined for nine shutouts a year ago while splitting time. Coffie-Owusu is the only other returning starter and will be counted on to take an increased leadership role in the defense. Many sophomores and juniors will be given the opportunity to play, Liddy noted, as he hopes the team will improve and gain confidence as the season progresses.


Coach: Chris McGrath, seventh season (57-58-3)

Last year’s record: 9-11

Top lettermen lost: Logan Stevenson (Mid.); Billy Richard (F).

Returners: Chris Botros (Sr., GK); Andrew Stetson (Sr., Mid.); Bhairav Mehta (Sr., Mid.); Joe Aldorasi (Sr., F); Peter Krzewinski (Jr., F); Dan Baron (Sr., D); Lou Petrozziello (Jr., D); Nick Petrozziello (Jr., F); Tyler Mazza (So., F).

Newcomers: Chris Gomes (Jr., F); Sual Downes (F).

Outlook: Nine letterwinners return for the Knights, including six seniors who should provide strong leadership. That experience should enable the Knights to remain competitive in the always tough Red Division. Botros in goal is one of the Knights’ strengths, as McGrath says they will need him to make some big saves and help swing some close games. Depth also might be an issue, as this is the smallest team Old Bridge has fielded during McGrath’s tenure.


Coach: Dave Hilgert, ninth season (61-83)

Last year’s record: 6-13

Top lettermen lost: Dylan Tsague (F).

Returners: Jayson Desordi (Sr., D); Gabe Cordero (Sr., Mid.); Colby Marshall (Sr., Mid.); Brenden Scanell (Sr., Mid.); Romeo Lopez (Jr., Mid.).

Outlook: The Chiefs have some young talented players, but know that individual talent doesn’t equal success in a tough Red Division. Hilgert is optimistic that it can do what they are setting out to do.


Coach: Brian Jenkins, first season

Last year’s record: 6-13

Top lettermen lost: Alex Riviere (Mid.); Patrick Bell (Mid.); Andrew Bell (Mid.).

Returners: Peter Dresch (Sr., Mid.); Brian Sullivan (Sr., D); Ethan Donnelly (Jr., D); Brendan Kacani (Jr., D); Brandon Cruz (Jr., D); Grant Kelly (Jr., Mid.); Toby Oluwalana (Jr., F); Brandon Goldy (Jr., Mid.)

Newcomers: Tony Haddad (Sr., F); Brendan Wash (Jr., GK); Gurjivan Kalkat (Fr., GK); Shawyn Kabi (So., F); Michael Echeverria (So., Mid.); Kyle Duggan (So., D); Chris Taraska (So., Mid.); John Walton (So., F).

Outlook: Coming off a losing season, the Falcons have a new coach in Jenkins, a 1998 graduate and former St. Joseph standout, as he replaces 13-year coach Mick O’Boyle. Leading the way is Dresch, a four-year varsity standout, as he is one of only three seniors on a young Falcons team. The Falcons also return a strong core of starters, mostly juniors, as they should be strong defensively and Jenkins hopes that helps lead to them being able to score more than they did at times last season.


Coach: Chris Hayston, 11th season (115-80-6)

Last year’s record: 13-8

Top lettermen lost: Jimmy Quilter (GK); Dylan Elias (Mid.); Alex Hwang (Mid.); Cameron Selamie (F).

Returners: Jorge de la Bandera (Sr., Mid.); Tommy Dorsay (Sr., Mid.); Santiago Giraldo (Sr., Mid.); Alex Kainer (Sr., D); Erich Kaiser (Sr., GK); Jared Man (Sr., D); Tommy Tuskey (Sr., D); Harrison Kudwitt (Jr., F); Alexi Rissiotis (Jr., D); Nasser Aamer (So., Mid.); Patrick Grudnick (So., Mid.); Paul Grudnick (So., Mid.).

Newcomers: Matt Juro (Sr., Mid.); Miles Anglin (Jr., F); Matt Cannon (Jr., Mid.); Sean Louhisdon (Jr., Mid.); Joe Mastro (Jr., Mid.).

Outlook: The Vikings, a GMC Tournament finalist a year ago, return six starters from last year’s team, led by Kudwitt at forward, Dorsay and de la Bandera in the midfield, and Tuskey, Man, and Rissiotis defensively. A big question mark is goalie, where two players with limited experience are battling for the position vacated by a two-time first-team all-area selection in Quilter. Hayston is confident in his team’s ability to have a great season.



Coach: Mike Kizoulis, ninth season (64-74-13)

Last year’s record: 7-11-1

Top lettermen lost: Nick Blackburn (D).

Returners: Dan Adao (Sr., Mid.); Jacob Szlachta (Sr., Mid.); Austin Francy (Sr., Mid.); Eric Reyes (Sr., Mid.); Brandon Curto (Sr., D); Brandon Bras (Jr., Mid.); Nick Filzen (Jr., D); Ryan Litterer (So., GK); Derek Phells (Jr., GK); Kevin Korycki (Jr., Mid.).

Newcomers: Gabe Forero (So., Mid.); Kevin Orrego (So., Mid.).

Outlook: The Patriots return several key players from last year’s team and will bring a wealth of experience to the field. Kizoulis expects his team to be competitive in the division as the pieces are in place for the Patriots to be successful and build off of last season.


Coach: Brian Murtagh, third season

Last year’s record: 12-5-2

Top lettermen lost: Mohamed Mohamed (F); Sammie Kim (Mid.); Wilfred Asamoah (D). Returners: Dave Jordan (Sr., GK); Jordan Rosenhouse (Sr., Mid.); Dennis Amuzu (Sr., D); Mohamed Siddiqui (Sr., D); Ram Sridhar (Sr., D);Romanch Vakaria (Sr., Mid.); Ali Mohamed (Sr., F); Mused Mohamed (Jr., F); Jon Collins (Jr., Mid.).

Newcomers: Nabil Boto (Fr., F); Kendall Campos (So., D).

Outlook: The defending White Division champions graduated 14 seniors from last year’s team, but still have the pieces in place to be successful. One key player back is Mused Mohamed (19 goals, three assists), as the junior should be one of the county’s top players again this season. His older brother Ali will join him at forward while the Eagles also have two starters each return in both the midfield and defense.


Coach: Solomon Charley, first season

Last year’s record: 10-7-1

Top lettermen lost: Omar Garcia (F).

Returners: David Cruz; Raul Galindo; Juan Avila; Irving Vicanno.

Newcomers: Angel Vasquez; John Vasquez; Scott Ortega; Fernando Nolasco; Jose Torres; Richie Vasquez; Alfredo Contreras; Elmer Alvarado; Roberto Fajardo; Miguel Flores.

Outlook: Coming off a surprise trip to the GMC Tournament semifinals last season, the Zebras must regroup with only four returnees and a new coach in Charley, who takes over for Elvir Prasovic.


Coach: Steve Rubin, 31st season

Last year’s record: 8-10-2

Top lettermen lost: Kelvin Leon, Luis Del Castillo, Brandon Luna, Angel Santiago.

Returners: Sergio Flores (Sr., F); Luiliam Teixeira (Sr., D); Chris Gomez (Sr., Mid.); J.C. Hernandez (Sr., D); Kelvin Chico (Jr., Mid./F); Henry Zuniga (So., Mid.); Gaston Medina (Jr., Mid./F); Luiz Rosa (Sr., D).

Newcomers: Chris Delapaz (Jr., D); Julio Collado (Sr., Mid.); Luis Altamirano (Jr., F); Sergio Ruiz (Jr., D); Alberto Torres (Jr., GK); Alejandro Ortiz (Sr., GK); Italo Tejada (Sr., Mid./D); Cesar Vargas (Fr., GK); Daniel Calderon (So., D); Frank Espinosa (Sr., F/Mid.).

Outlook: The Panthers look to continue on last year’s improvement after going 8-2-2 in their last 12 games. Six starters return including Flores, who notched 19 goals a year ago, as he and Altamirano, a newcomer who has shown great potential, should help the

Panthers attack. The defense remains a question mark fo Rubin, who hopes his team can continue last year’s strong finish.


Coach: Nick Cifelli, 13th season (142-78-16, overall 171-105-20)

Last year’s record: 8-6-5

Top lettermen lost: Alhaji Sheriff (F); Andrews Geker (F).

Returners: Andres Maldonado (Sr., Mid.); Bjourn Anderson (Jr., D); Alex DaRocha (Sr., D); Matt Lasko (Sr., Mid.); Austin Leibowitz (Sr., Mid.); Mick Martinez (Sr., F); Trevor Pucciarello (Jr., Mid.); Lucas Pereira (So., F).

Newcomers: Collins Aidoo (Sr., Mid.); Dan Connelly (Sr., Mid.); Joe Couzo (Sr., D); Paul Kotowski (Sr., D); Kevin Patel (Sr., D); Steven Ebaid (Sr., F); Connor Drabik (Jr., GK); Justin Santos (Jr., D); Mohil Trivedi (So., GK); Kevin Asare (So., Mid.); Tyler Gates (So., D); Nahir Llorente (So., Mid.); Fernando Maldonado (So., F); Joe Pucciarello (So., Mid); Ryan Mosser (Jr., F).

Outlook: The Bombers will be very young and inexperienced as they need to replace 90 percent of their offensive output, after Sheriff and Geker combined for 27 goals last season. They also must replace four of their five starting defenders, including the keeper, from last year’s team. Cifelli says the Bombers are projected to start four or five sophomores and can potentially see seven sophomores on the field at the same time. The Bombers look to be competitive early on, and after gaining some varsity experience, seek to extend their state playoff run to 15 consecutive seasons.


Coach: Anthony Perfilio, ninth season (79-64-15)

Last year’s record: 6-8-7

Returners: Jacob Alba (So., D); Mark Butrico (Jr., D/GK); Italo Cardoso (Jr., Mid.); Kevin Casteblanco (Jr., F); Josue Cevallos (Sr., F/Mid.); Kyle Dennis (Jr., GK); Jose Guardado (Jr., Mid.); Patrick McCoid (Jr., D); Nick Polizzano (So., F); Anthony Rovayo (Jr., Mid.).

Newcomers: Colin Berry (Sr., GK); Carl Cirilli (Jr., Mid./D); Nick DiFrancesco (So., Mid./F); Christian Gonzalez (So., Mid.); Nicholas Grasso (Jr., D); Sean Hutchinson (Jr., Mid.); Caleb Kuberiet (Fr., D); Paul Licato (Jr., D); Marcos Toapanta (Sr., Mid./D); Jacob Villacres (Fr., F/Mid./D).

Outlook: The Tigers have a lot of young talent returning, as they have only three seniors on the roster and the majority of the starters are juniors and sophomores. Perfilio is confident the Tigers will be competitive within the division, as they had a penchant for playing tight and close games last season.


Coach: William McMullen, 27th season

Last year’s record: 9-9

Top lettermen lost: Chris Chan (F).

Returners: Mor Talla Diao (Sr., F/Mid.); Siddharth Hariharan (Jr., F); Casey He (Jr., F); Matthew Lee (Sr., D); Antonio Nigro (Jr., Mid.); Jenish Patel (Jr., Mid.); Nkosi Punch (Sr., F/Mid.); Adam Sklar (Sr., D); Sridhar Sriram (Jr., GK); James Trousdale (Jr., D).

Newcomers: Apoorv Chauhan (Jr., Mid./D); Kevin Chen (Jr., D); James Corrigan (Sr., GK); Anurag Dwivedi (Fr., Mid.); Eric Hang (Sr., Mid.); Jacob Hausman (So., Mid.); Michael Hoff (Sr., D); Sachit Jain (Jr., D); Connor Shah (Jr., GK); Ravi Shah (Sr., D).

Outlook: The Hawks return their leading scorer in Hariharan, who tallied 11 goals a year ago, while Patel (10 assists) is another key junior returnee in the midfield. With a junior laden team, the Hawks have the potential to gel and continue to make progress and be competitive in the White Division.


Coach: Constantin Ballos, 12th season

Last year’s record: 8-8-3

Top lettermen lost: Rodrigo DaSilva

Returners: Matt Montalvo (Sr., D); Juwon Ogunjobi (Sr., D/Mid.); Daniel Macualay-Smith (Sr., Mid./F); Sean Torres (Sr., GK); Edward Juan (Sr., D); Eugene Frimpong (Jr., Mid./D); Herbert Robles (So., Mid/D); Jay Luzardo (Sr., Mid.); Steve Luzuriaga (So., F); Reynaldo Brunert (Sr., D/Mid.).

Newcomers: Isaac Yamuca (So., D); Jeffery Reyes (So., Mid./F); Elden Elsayed (Jr., D/Mid.); Dan Soberanis (Jr., Mid); Abe Juan (So., D/Mid.); Rob Parker (So., GK).

Outlook: The Barrons return a solid core from last year’s team, which more than doubled its win total from the previous season. Torres is experienced in net and Luzardo is a leader in the midfield, though the loss of a rising junior in DaSilva to the academy will hurt the Barrons.



Coach: Tommy Lacson, 10th season

Last year’s record:

Top lettermen lost: Zachary Hill (D); Ryan Ruziky (Mid.); Scott Licari (GK/Mid.).

Returners: Gerald Demby (Sr., F/Mid./D); Chris Carnavale (Sr., Mid.); Dave Pastore (Jr., D/Mid.); Tyler Earl (Jr., F/D); Kyle Veltre (So., D); Pat Hartman (So., D/Mid.); Luke Roche (So., D/GK); Diego Gambotto (So., Mid.); Dylan Cruz (So., Mid.).

Newcomers: Daniel Cardona (Fr., GK); Kevin Howarth (Fr., D); Duncan Merriman (Fr., D); John Murray (Fr., Mid.); Dylan O’Connor (Fr., D/Mid.); Tim Mazarelli (Fr., Mid.).

Outlook: The Trojans return a couple veterans while they will mix in a some sophomores and freshmen to beef up the team. Lacson says the Trojans are still in the rebuilding stage at this point, but will be competitive every game in the division. Demby returns after breaking his ankle in the season’s fifth game last season, as he and Earl will be the goal scorers while Roche, Veltre, and Pastore will anchor a solid defense.


Coach: Nestor Cortina, seventh season

Last year’s record: 5-13-2

Top lettermen lost: Jaspal Singh (D).

Returners: Surrinder Krimprury (Sr., Mid.).

Newcomers: N/A.

Outlook: Cortina notes this will be a developmental year for the Ramblers, with his hopes being that his squad can be a .500 team.


Coach: Keith Roig, 13th season

Last year’s record: 11-10

Top lettermen lost: John Marin (Mid.); Tulani Hove (F).

Returners: Harry Landis (Sr., Mid./D); Christian Martinez (Sr., D); John Baay (Sr., F); Luca Giovanetti (Sr., D); Tomas Sanchez (Jr., D); Seabastin Patino (Jr., Mid.); John Buzzbee (So., Mid.); Lucas Irvine (Jr., D/Mid.): Lucas Marin (Sr., GK).

Newcomers: Farhan Rozadi (So., GK); Jessie McDermott-Hughes (So., F); Chris Zhou (Jr., Mid.).

Outlook: Despite losing seven starters, Roig is confidence the Owls will be a competitive team in the Blue Division. Leading the way will be Landis, who Roig says is one of the strongest captains he’s ever had. Other key returnees for the Owls include Martinez, another captain, as well as Baay and Marin.


Coach: Ed Bobal, 33rd season

Last year’s record: 6-11-2

Returners: Ryan Dean (Sr.); Chris Frost (Sr.); Max Escate (Sr.); Colin Puff (Sr.); Mickey Ceselka (Sr.); Steven Salano (Sr.); Michael Perez (Jr.); Kieran Williams (Jr.); Jason Carvalho (Sr.); David Amarol (Sr.); Josh Wierczerak (Sr.); Matt Scalia (Jr.); Johnny Evangelou (So.); Noah Miranda (So.);

Newcomers: Joe Egri (Jr.); Kevin Ospina (Jr.); Fayoz Khamrokulov.

Outlook: With a senior laden team in place, the Mustangs have their eyes set on trying to claim the division title and advance in tournament play as Bobal says this season should be the culmination of years of hard work and dedication.


Coach: Ken Graf, 39th season (432-295-63)

Last year’s record: 13-8-2

Top lettermen lost: Ryan O’Neill (Mid.); Kyle Salmon (F); Tom Biancamano (D).

Returners: Brian Sullivan (Sr., Mid.); Jake Lucas (Sr., Mid.); Tom Brennan (Sr., D); Brian Eustace (Sr., D/Mid.); Chris Kay (Sr., D); Dan Lackland (Sr., F); Matt Nicholas (Sr., F); Garrett Shafer (Sr., F); Frank McGuire (Sr., D); Joe Misdea (Jr., GK); Ben O’Connell (Jr., GK).

Newcomers: Jake Issler (Sr., F); Hayden Keers-Flood (Sr., F); Rich Marraro (Sr., GK); Ryan Thomas (Sr., Mid./D); Matt Biancamano (Jr., Mid.); Jordan Kessler (Jr., Mid.); Bob Mozaffarzoda (Jr., Mid./D); Brandon Switzer (Jr., Mid.); Ted Liu (Jr., D); Cameron O’Connell (So., F); Cameron Kessler (So., F); Christian Nunez (So., Mid.); Ryan Josell (So., Mid.).

Outlook: The Bulldogs are geared by a pair of very strong goalkeepers, seasoned defenders, and fast and skilled forwards and midfielders which Graf believes will enable his team to compete for the Blue Division title this season. With solid experience all around the field, Metuchen is a team to keep an eye out for in Group I.


Coach: Keith Murray, 15th season

Last year’s record: 7-9

Top lettermen lost: Steven Martinez (Mid.); Gio Barbozza (F); John Castillo (GK).

Returners: Joe Korom (Sr., F); Carsten Bowers (Sr., GK); Isaac Ortiz (Sr., Mid.); Ben Martinez (Sr., Mid.); Paolo Marina (So., F); Manny Marina (Jr., D); Ivan Matta (So., F); David Spencer (Jr., D); Kevin Ruiz (Sr., D); Adam Wick (Jr., D); Luis Guerrero (Jr., D); Paul Matt (Sr., Mid./GK).

Newcomers: Luis Burgos (Jr., F); Rory Hansen (So., Mid.); Zach Hoffman (So., Mid.); Nii Amon Nikoi (Sr., D); Elvis Perez (So., F); Brendan Chiappa (So., D).

Outlook: The Blue Jays have six seniors back, including Korom (13 goals) and Bowers, who will take over the goalkeeper reins. The Blue Jays will be filled out by four sophomores and possibly up to six sophomores, as Murray expects them to be competitive within the division.


Coach: Eric Clays, 14th season

Last year’s record: 19-3-3

Top lettermen lost: Feli Csombok (F); Obeth Silva (Mid.); Marcus Ribau (D).

Returners: Benny Harder (Jr., GK); Aldo Posas (Jr., D); Tyler Rincon (So., Mid.).

Newcomers: J.J. Franco (Fr., Mid.); Alex Gomes (Jr., GK); Brian Seixeira (Fr., D).

Outlook: The defending Blue Division and Central Group I champions return a young team. They will look to remain competitive in the division and improve as the season progresses, as Clays always possesses strong teams on the Group I level. A key for the Rams will be how they’re able to compensate for the loss of Csombok, who led the team in scoring last season by a wide margin.


Coach: Jeff Marvinny, 11th season (91-87-12)

Last year’s record: 13-6-1

Top lettermen lost: Hunter Padilla (F); Saul Marcial (Mid.); Andrew Pelham (GK); Dylan Church (D); Danny Logato (Mid.).

Returners: Fady Habib (Sr., D); Adrian Neves (Jr., D); Brian Thuring (Sr., Mid.); Justin Vizzi (?., F); Nicky Logatto (Jr., Mid.); Will Andrews (Sr., D); Steve Yuhasz (Sr., Mid.).

Newcomers: Andrew Picado (So., Mid.); Eddie Kovalski (So., Mid.); John Reyes (So., Mid.); Nick Moran (Fr., Mid.); Nick DiMaria (So., D); Matt Krause (So., GK); CJ Kircher (Sr., GK); Nader Abd Elnour (Sr., F); Dylan Blado (So., Mid.); Matt Rodriguez (Jr., Mid.).

Outlook: The Chargers will have a drastically different look on the field this season after graduating 13 letterwinners and returning just two starters. Marvinny says the defense should be a strong point, but finding a consistent scoring threat will be the key as the leading returning goal scorers had only two apiece. The Chargers have talent, but it is young and unproven, as a talented sophomore class will need to grow up quickly and how soon the new players can adjust will determine how successful they will be.



Coach: Mike Buonaguro, third season

Last year’s record: 1-1-14

Top lettermen lost: David Marach (Mid.); John Pereira (D/GK).

Returners: Tyler Marsh (Sr., D); Jodie Janas (Sr., Mid.); Morgan Montgomery (Sr., GK); Sebastian Betancourt (Sr., GK); Sammy Cheng (Jr., D); Kyle Murphy (Jr., D); Alejandro Fernandez (So., F); Matthew Roesch (So., F).

Newcomers: Elias Paelez (Jr.,); Imani Redman (Jr.,); Ronny Alvarez (So.,); Matthew Manning (So.,); Joe Wright (So.,); Matthew Casey (Fr.,); Cynthia Correira (Fr.,); Justin Jezercak (Fr.,); Christopher Matias (Fr.,); Austin Montgomery (Fr.,); Stephanie Paredes (Fr.,); Michael Perez (Fr.,); Areli Santiago (Fr.,).

Outlook: Another rebuilding year appears in store for the Tigers after the graduation of two starters and three key reserves along with three additional starters either transferring to district schools or moving out of state.


Coach: Kathy McNulty, 11th season (87-84-4)

Last year’s record: 8-9-2

Top lettermen lost: Steve Jurcsek (D); Dan Delmonaco (Mid.); Sanmesh Udhayakumar (Mid.); Matt Persing (Mid.).

Returners: Ruky Rupasinghe (Sr., F); Yash Pandya (Sr., D); Raj Patel (Sr., F); Matt Tan (Sr., Mid.); Shrey Mendiratta (Sr., F); Emily Jurcsek (Sr., Mid.); Greg Goldshteyn (Sr., D); Erwin Feng (Sr., D); Joanne Dallagnese (Sr., D).

Newcomers: Mohammad Farooq (Jr., D); Aayush Verma (Jr., GK); Maulik Doshi (Sr., F); Tommy Olson (Sr., D).

Outlook: The Eagles expect to be competitive in the Gold Division, as McNulty said while graduation did not purge the squad, some key players have moved on who they will look to replace. The newcomers have experience coming off the bench and have shown capable leadership on the field up to the start of the season.


Coach: Stephen Moir, seventh season (63-51-1)

Last year’s record: 15-6

Top lettermen lost: Bryan Osorio (D).

Returners: Alexis Reyes (Sr., Mid.); Nilsson Siguenza (Sr., Mid.); Gonzalo Bazan (Jr., F); Miguel Guzman (Sr., Mid.); Eduardo Tafur (So., D); Wilmer Garcia (Jr., D); Joel Rivas (Jr., Mid.); Anibal Rosa (So., F).

Newcomers: Angel Ramirez (Jr., GK); Yadelin Vargas-Ramos (Sr., D/GK); Noel Garay (Jr., D/Mid.); Henry Rivas (Jr., Mid.); Lucia Cagnani (Jr., Mid.).

Outlook: Although six starters are gone from last year’s team, the Patriots do return their top three goal scorers in Bazan, who found the back of the net 28 times last season, along with Reyes (nine goals) and Siguenza (seven goals). With several players up from junior varsity, the Patriots hope to compete at the top of the division once again.


Coach: Joe Leonardis, fourth season

Last year’s record: 5-12-1

Top lettermen lost: Michael Perez (F).

Returners: Marlon Ayala (Jr., D); Juan Castro (Sr., F); Jose Flores (Jr., D); Sonny Garcia (Sr., Mid.); Many Ibarra (Jr., D); Manish Lakliani (Sr., Mid.); Jeff Noyola (Jr., D/F); Sebastian Ramos (Sr., Mid./F); Damian Scavino (So., D); William Sosa (Jr., Mid.); Josh Trapp (Jr., GK); Humberto Vasquez (So., D/Mid.); Uriel Vasquez (Jr., F).

Newcomers: Celin Rojas (Sr., F); Isreal Vasquez (Jr., D); Doug Weh (So., Mid.); Brandon Trapp (Fr.,).

Outlook: The Raiders return all but one starter and look to compete for the Gold Division title this year, as the sky is the limit with the new additions added to the equation. Leonardis says this is the strongest offense he’s had in his tenure and the defense is also looking strong, but Trapp in goal will need to bring his best every game for the Raiders to accomplish their goals in the high-scoring Gold Division.


Coach: Tony Gonsalves, 37th season (320-297)

Last year’s record: 9-9-1

Top lettermen lost: Elton Cheng; Segun Adeagbo; Matt Guliano.

Returners: Marvin De Ausen (Sr., F); Jack O’Connor (Sr., D); Steve Clark (Sr., GK); Hugh Rone (Jr., D); Tyler Sullivan (Sr., D); Ken Vergara (Jr., D).

Newcomers: Du hoh Kim (Jr., F); Kowgyi Park (Jr., D); Gustavo Pena (Fr., D).

Outlook: With a solid core of returnees, Gonsalves is optimistic for a winning season after all the hard work he says his players have put in over the offseason. The Governors should finish in the upper half of the division if things go right for them.


Coach: William Bills, 35th season

Last year’s record: 15-4-1

Top lettermen lost: Brandon McDougal (F).

Returners: Evan Waldron (Sr., GK); Zach Coyle (Sr., F); Matt Parris (So., F); David Figueroa (Sr., Mid.); Luke Cruver (Sr., Mid.); Robert DiLeo (Sr., Mid.); Matt Zgorzynski (Sr., Def); Matt DiLeo (Sr., D); Joe Caruso (So., D); Israel Cevallos (Sr., D).

Newcomers: Mike Gortaire (Fr., Mid.); Michael Oduro (Fr., F).

Outlook: The reigning Gold Division champs return 10 of 11 starters led by Coyle (19 goals, 6 assists) and Figueroa (6 goals, 21 assists), while Waldron allowed less than one goal per game in net. The talent is there for the Tigers to repeat as division champs, but Bills, who is just three wins shy of 1,000 for his coaching career between soccer, basketball, and baseball, noted they will need underclassmen to develop as subs to create depth.


Coach: Zachary Stout, third season

Last year’s record: 7-11-1

Top lettermen lost: Grace Brennan (GK); Marcin Ciesla (D); Peter Takacs (F); Chris Dowling (Mid.).

Returners: Ali Ben Saad (Jr., Mid.); Kartik Pottelpalem (Sr., D); Jerry So (Sr., D); Ruchit Patel (So., Mid.); Justin Ramos (Jr., D); Brian Smighelschi (Sr., Mid.); Varun Uchil (Jr.,); Aarsh Shah (Jr., F).

Newcomers: Dave Haldar (Sr., D); Neel Patel (So., Mid.); Vraj Shah (Fr., GK); Kyle Kopcho (Jr., GK).

Outlook: The Hornets have a big void in goal with the graduation of Brennan, as Shah and Kopcho have competed for the starting spot. Saad, Smighelschi, and Patel will anchor the midfield while Pottelpalem, So, and Ramos will lead a defense that looks to be strong. Stout looks for his team to be competitive and build upon last year’s campaign.



Coach: George Merette, first season

Last year’s record: N/A

Top lettermen lost: Andy Barcelo; Byron Pena; Rafael Gabrieli.

Returners: Rolando Rodriguez; Rafal Ciepiela; Danny Echevaria; Chis Farias

Newcomers: Henry Valderrama; Daysu Quispe; Chist Díaz

Outlook: As Merette takes over the head coaching reins for Greg Grasso, the Tigers possess a strong midfield and fast strikers that they hope can lead them to success.


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