AHSAA All-Metro Volleyball Player of the Year: Jillian Tinglin -- Junior | Montgomery Academy

AHSAA All-Metro Volleyball Player of the Year: Jillian Tinglin -- Junior | Montgomery Academy


AHSAA All-Metro Volleyball Player of the Year: Jillian Tinglin -- Junior | Montgomery Academy


How did you like your season?

“I was very happy. We did well. We did very well. I thought I reached a lot of my personal goals, and I am satisfied with how I played, but I always strive for even better.”

What are you doing now?

“Club volleyball. Preparing for next year. It’s going well. Capital City Juniors. The first tournament is Heart of Dixie at the Renaissance the weekend of Jan. 18.”

Favorite subject?

“Ah, that’s a good one. I like physics. I do. It’s very difficult, but at the end of the day, I like physics. I just took a physics test. It’s very difficult, but I do like it.”

Favorite teacher?

“No. No. I’m not going there. I love all my teachers.” (“Good answer,” Sinclair said.)

Worst subject?

“Physics. My favorite subject is my worst subject. It’s ironic.”

Favorite movie?

“Do you know, “Get Smart” with Steve Carell? I’ll just throw that one out there. That’s a good movie, but I like so many other movies. It’s like asking my favorite songs. I like so many different ones. I’ll go with “Get Smart.” That’s a good movie.”

Since you brought it up, favorite song?

“I like “Underdog” by Imagine Dragons. We had it on our playlist for the season, and I think it’s a really good pump-up song. Good beat, good message.”

Sinclair’s loudest yelling?

“I’m thinking of my sophomore year, the Danville tournament. I think it was the first time that I realized this is what I’m stepping into, this is where leadership starts coming in. I was surprised, but it really paid off because I did start pushing harder and playing harder.”

Memorable team moment?

“About a year ago, a girl on our team, she’s a character, to say the least. We were goofing around and one of the players, Rachel Lee, our setter, she was playing around with Abi (Capouye). Abi laughed or something, and Rachel didn’t mean to, but she pushed her down on the ground. Abi is so tough, and we were all waiting on her response. Abi just started laughing and it was so loud. It’s still really funny. She was crying with laughter. It was hilarious.”

How did you celebrate state?

“We went to P.F. Chang’s, and it was delicious. We were reasonable on our orders. We paid for that, so we were very reasonable. That was our money. The next day at school, we were still obviously very excited. When we saw each other in the hall, we were all saying hi and waving. I think that’s the best thing about this team. We still do that. The season is over, but we still talk and hang out and everything.”

Repeat next year?

“Hopefully. We’re going to prepare and prepare and get ready. We want to keep on soaring, like Eagles.”

Santa Claus wish list?

“I’m not sure. You have to ask Santa Claus. I went on a trip to Italy over Thanksgiving, so that was my awesome Christmas present. We were over there for 10 days. My favorite city was Rome, and I’ve been studying Latin since seventh grade, so I got to to see all the amazing pictures that are in my textbook in real life. That was more than I ever asked for. It was a blessing to get to go over there.”


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