All-Gazette teams announced for fall sports

All-Gazette teams announced for fall sports


All-Gazette teams announced for fall sports



Local high school athletes showed off their talents this fall as many area teams traveled deep into their respective sport’s postseason.

Below are the All-Gazette selections for fall sports, as determined by our sports staff.


* First Team Hayle Carle (Zane Trace), Dylana Gragg (Huntington), Bridgette Scaggs (Adena), Amanda Curry (Westfall), Katelyn Martin (Chillicothe), Alexis Overly (Unioto)

* Second Team Kylan Strausbaugh (Zane Trace), Aleah Pelphrey (Piketon), Emily Dresbach (Southeastern), Haile Ingram (Huntington), Kristen Dawson (Adena), Kayla Tackett (Westfall)

* Honorable Mention Jillian Pontius (Zane Trace), Laci Stanforth (Paint Valley), Taylor Baker (Paint Valley), Kamren Bobb (Paint Valley), Alayna Lytle (Huntington), Jenna Hutton (Adena), Karli Bower (Adena), Hannah Phillips (Westfall), Hannah Wallace (Westfall), Logan Goebel (Southeastern), Haile White (Unioto), Hannah Nelson (Unioto), Anna Degarmo (Chillicothe)

Boys Cross Country

* First Team David Magda (Unioto), Ethan Richter (Unioto), Ethan Richter, Pierce Mowery (Zane Trace), Nick Guchwa (Zane Trace), Donovan Lowe (Chillicothe), Kane Dixon (Piketon), Zack Varney (Piketon)

* Second Team Ethan Richter (Unioto), Dylan Newton (Westfall), Lander Zook (Chillicothe), Billy Magill (Southeastern), Grant Cory (Adena), Elijah Shanks (Huntington)

* Honorable Mention Austin Chapman (Paint Valley), Eli Branson (Zane Trace), Justin Trapp (Westfall), Ben Haller (Chillicothe), Lander Zook (Chillicothe), Jesse Griesheimer (Unioto), Billy Magill (Southeastern), Denver Vaught (Southeastern), Buddy Staley, Jordan Pendleton (Piketon)

Girls Cross Country

* First Team Kimmy Wolfe (Zane Trace), Eva Bugg (Zane Trace), Kela Harkins (Unioto), Kristen Cook (Unioto), Rachel Ball (Southeastern), Haley Wright (Huntington)

* Second Team Anna Degarmo (Chillicothe), Cecelia Wallace (Zane Trace), Elena Knipp (Unioto), Emily Moore (Westfall), Kolbey Markko (Paint Valley), Taylor Clarkson (Adena)

* Honorable Mention Casaundra Parker (Chillicothe), Shania Conley (Chillicothe), Allison Chinn (Zane Trace), Sara Stewart (Westfall), Julia Hacker (Unioto), Ashlee Jackson (Southeastern), Chloe Shay (Adena), Elle Lamb (Adena), Stephanie Stout (Paint Valley)

Boys Golf

* First Team Sam Calvin (Unioto), Hunter Miller (Adena), Caleb Arnold (Zane Trace), Eli McKee (Southeastern), Jake Brown (Chillicothe)

* Honorable Mention Trent Huston (Unioto), Peyton Cooper (Adena), Nate Newman (Zane Trace), Casey Moore (Piketon), DJ Graham (Piketon), Jacob Price (Chillicothe)

Girls Golf

* First Team Shania Irvin (Huntington), Kenstin McDonald (Huntington), Kirstin Kane (Zane Trace), Taylor Woodridge (Zane Trace), Briana Post (Westfall)

Girls Soccer

* First Team Payten Davis (Chillicothe), Samantha Watkins (Chillicothe), Rachel Barnitz (Zane Trace), Montana Fry (Zane Trace), Jenny Campbell (Unioto), Kaylah Peele (Unioto)

Boys Soccer

* First Team Jacob Weber (Chillicothe), Per Petersen (Chillicothe), Matt Benson (Chillicothe), Eric Hutton (Zane Trace), Dylan Miles (Southeastern)


* First Team Singles Taylor Sprouse (Chillicothe), Jera Copley (Chillicothe)

* First Team Doubles Amanada Mares-Hannah Hirsch (Chillicothe), Ellen Schmitt-Hannah Arth (Chillicothe)


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All-Gazette teams announced for fall sports
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