All-Metro Soccer Boys Athlete of the Year: Michael Miaoulis

All-Metro Soccer Boys Athlete of the Year: Michael Miaoulis


All-Metro Soccer Boys Athlete of the Year: Michael Miaoulis


How does it feel to be named player of the year?

“I’m very surprised, in a great way though. It’s very exciting. I know last year Jackson Fendley (from Trinity) got it, I remember looking up to him as a guy who was really good at soccer. So it means a lot to be not necessarily compared on the same level but to get an award that he also received.”

How did it feel to be named to the South All-Star team for All-Star Sports Week?

“I applied in the middle of the season and hadn’t put much thought toward it. At practice (the coaches) told me in front of everybody. It was really exciting and it was great to have the news brought in front of my teammates because they were really supportive. I’m very excited and looking forward to it.”

You guys had a strong year, making the playoffs for the first time since 2006. What were some of the highlights?

“We started off a little rough but it definitely got better. Our first area game was a big one, we played LAMP at MA. We were able to win 2-1, we scored a goal with like 30 seconds left to win and that really gave us a good start in area to make it to the playoffs. It gave us a lot of momentum and confidence because LAMP’s always been a great team. And then, our other crucial game was Trinity at home. We had to beat Trinity to advance to the playoffs and we took a 4-0 halftime lead. It was the best we’ve played and that was one of the most fun games we played for sure.”

Because the MA girls soccer team has been so successful, does the boys team get overshadowed?

“Somewhat. Soccer is not that big at MA as far as fan support. So, it’s definitely been noticed more when the girls win state over and over, but just us beating random teams, people don’t get overly excited. We actually did get more attention this year making the playoffs, so we finally got some of our own attention. (The girls) team has actually wanted to scrimmage us but our coaches won’t allow it.”

How do you think a boys vs girls scrimmage would go?

“I honestly think we’d win. But you never know, they’re very talented too. I’ve heard that they not only think they’d beat us but beat us pretty bad. But we’ve said some similar things.”


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