All-Metro Track and Field Boys Athlete of the Year: Trinity's Wesley Curles, 6-foot-1 junior

All-Metro Track and Field Boys Athlete of the Year: Trinity's Wesley Curles, 6-foot-1 junior


All-Metro Track and Field Boys Athlete of the Year: Trinity's Wesley Curles, 6-foot-1 junior


Events: 800, 1,600, 3,200, 3,200 relay

* Had the All-Metro area’s top times in the 800, 1,600 and 3,200.

* Won the Class 3A championship in all three events, helping the Wildcats finish second in the team standings.

* Anchored Trinity’s 3,200 relay, which took bronze at the state meet.

* As a sophomore, won the 3A 3,200, was the 1,600 runner-up and finished third in the 800. Also part of a third-place 3,200 relay. Won a bronze medal as a freshman in the 3,200.

* Also plays basketball at Trinity for coach Jack Schweers. Averaged a team-best 13.3 points per game last season. The Wildcats finished 20-6.

* Advertiser’s cross country runner of the year last fall.

Favorite event?

“I’d have to say the 1,600. You have to have speed and endurance. In the 800, I feel like I’m just getting going when the race is over. In the 1,600, I feel I can still use my speed.”

Least favorite?

“The 3,200, I kind of always dread that, seeing that on the order of events. It used to be my strongest event, but I think this year that was definitely the 1,600. The 3,200 is tough, especially at meets where I run multiple events.”

Team success?

“It was just huge this year that our team won sectionals and came in second in state. I feel like, even though we had only had six or seven people qualify, we were able to get a lot of points. Everybody contributed. I just enjoyed working with everybody this year. I’m glad that paid off for the team as well as for the individuals.”

Favorite TV show?

“ESPN’s First Take. You have to love Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless. They’re great. They can get riled up about anything.”

Best subject?

“Math. I just enjoy it. It’s my strongest subject.”

Poorest subject?

“History. It just seems like I have a hard time getting that stuff to stick in my head. It’s a lot of reading. Luckily, I have government and economics coming up next year, which isn’t as much history.”

Basketball or track?

“I’m better at track, definitely. That’s more natural to me. I’m more naturally skilled at that, but I probably end up working on them about the same. I’ve had more success in track.”

Ever dunked on?

“I have never in a game, but I’ve been responsible for the turnovers that get other people dunked on. I get part of the blame for that.”

Worst yelled at?

“Probably back in my football days before I figured out that cross country was the fall sport for me. I’d just forget my stuff. I remember running after practice and getting yelled at. That would probably be the worst. Middle school football.”

Funniest Jack Schweers story?

“I’ve heard (assistant coach Jon Shamburger) on road trips, he’ll just go for hours telling Coach Schweers stories. The best I’ve heard was during a road trip to Atlanta for a team camp. In 5 o’clock traffic, they saw Coach Schweers’ bus pull off to the side. All of a sudden, they see him get out and start doing jumping jacks on the side of the road, and running and jogging up and down the road. Apparently, he was having trouble staying awake, so that was his way of staying awake … in rush hour traffic in Atlanta.”

Senior goals?

“I’d like to go after the state records in the 800 and 3,200. I think I’m going to need to add a lot more distance to my training this summer to do that. I need to drop my 3,200 time by about 10 seconds to achieve that. I want to focus a little bit more. I probably won’t run a relay next year, so I want to focus a little bit more on my individual events and not run so many events in every meet that I go to. Mostly, I want to focus on my 3,200 and getting my time down.”


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