All-Metro Wrestler of the year -- Josh Epperson

All-Metro Wrestler of the year -- Josh Epperson


All-Metro Wrestler of the year -- Josh Epperson


How do you feel about wrestling being potentially taken out of the Olympics?

I feel like it cuts people’s dreams down. Some people’s goals are that high, if they do end up taking it out, that’s just lowering their goals and dreams to the college level.

Have you ever thought about the Olympics?

I’ve thought about it, but I haven’t 100 percent set my goal to that. It’s still in question. It’s there, but I’m not sure yet.

You go straight into baseball from wrestling, what do you do in your free time?

I like to go to the lake with friends and go tubing and wake boarding. I like wake boarding a lot.

Last year, you were under the radar, this year you came in as No. 1. Was it tougher this year or last year?

During the year, I think it was harder last year. But toward the end of the year, the pressure started building. I was undefeated. I think it was tougher at the end of this season with the bull’s-eye on my back.

You did a backflip during a match twice this year, where’d you think of that?

I was looking up videos on wresting, and I came across this guy, Kerry Kolat. I was watching his high school state championship video, and during the match, the guy picked up his leg and he did a backflip and went in between his legs and got a reversal. I practiced it like twice and in Florida, he picked up my leg, and I kind of did it sideways, but it still looked good.

It kind of sets the momentum. Once you do it, they kind of quit. I dominated from that point in the match.

Were you waiting to do it?

At the Barry Mask tournament, I felt it. He had my leg and I kind of let him pick me up, and as soon as he did, I just did it.


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