Basha standout Hailee Siroky talks about her team's success, goals

Basha standout Hailee Siroky talks about her team's success, goals


Basha standout Hailee Siroky talks about her team's success, goals


Chandler Basha is one the premier softball teams in country.

Junior catcher Hailee Siroky embodies all of that, leading the team with a .476 batting average and eight home runs. In only her second year on varsity, Siroky has made an impact helping her team to a 54-9 record during those two seasons.

Her junior class of 10 players will determine a lot about how successful this season and the next are for Basha (21-3).

Still there is a bitter taste to that success after losing to defending state champion Mesa Red Mountain in the Division I playoffs the last three years.

Siroky talked with azcentral sports about what’s different this year and how she can improve the team’s odds.

Question: What do you think comes along with playing catcher at such a prestigious school for softball?

Answer: I don’t know. It’s a lot of work. You just have to stay focused and everything. You have to make sure everything is going right.

Q: What is it like being expected to win every single game?

A: It’s fun. I enjoy it a lot. I’ve always been with those teams. My club team, when we started we weren’t very good. Then we switched coaches and everybody got really good. Our expectations became really high.

Q: Do you feel a closer connection to your club team or your school’s team?

A: In the past I have always had a closer relationship with my club team, but this year it’s all balanced out. All the girls on the team this year, we have gotten along really well.

Q: A lot of the teams that you play don’t have the talent that yours does. How do you avoid playing down to your opponent’s level?

A: We have been doing pretty well with that. This year there have been a couple of games that have been close, because we haven’t been playing to our full potential. When we do play to our full potential, nobody can stop us.

Q: What about Red Mountain? Do you want to beat them really bad?

A: Yeah, we do.

Q: Going through the season how much do prepare for them specifically?

A: We don’t. We just take it one day at a time. We don’t expect to play them. We don’t expect it to be them. We know that if we go in there and it is not them, we will be fine, but if it is them then we know what we have to do.

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