Brock Rubley hopes to follow brother at Mountain Vista

Brock Rubley hopes to follow brother at Mountain Vista


Brock Rubley hopes to follow brother at Mountain Vista


Mountain Vista starts practice this year with a opening at quarterback.

This after two year starter, Ryan Rubley graduated and signed to play at Tulsa. His younger brother, Brock, could be next in line.

“It would be great, I’d just lead my team to victory,” said Brock.

He hopes to win the Golden Eagles starting job as a junior. It would mean four straight years of Rubley’s under center.

“It’s kind of a family business for us, that’s what I know and I now it very well,” said dad T.J. Rubley who seems to breed quarterbacks. The former NFL and Canadian Football League quarterback now coaches at Mountain Vista. He’s balancing being a coach and being a dad.

“The watching the playing part I can do very well. It’s the emotional empathy that’s more of a challenge because I’m not very empathetic as a coach unfortunately,” T.J. told 9NEWS.

“I like it, he’s been coaching me since I was 5-years-old so I’m used to it,” said Brock.

Clearly the quarterback position is a special one for this family.

“I like the pressure,” Brock told 9NEWS, “I like leading the team, there’s only one quarterback on the field so I like that.”

There are more Rubley’s coming. Brock has two younger brothers. A 10-year-old that, yes, is already playing quarterback.

“And our 4-year-old is to be determined, but he’ll be swimming up stream if he’s not a quarterback in our family,” said T.J.



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