Broomfield girls: It's gotta be the pants

Broomfield girls: It's gotta be the pants


Broomfield girls: It's gotta be the pants


BROOMFIELD – The Broomfield girls basketball team plays Montrose on Saturday afternoon at the Denver Coliseum. One thing is for certain, the Eagles will be dressed well.

Broomfield’s pinstripe warm up pants make some kind of statement.

“Watch out, here comes Broomfield,” says senior Katie Croell laughing.

Her dad, Broomfield head coach Mike Croell, grew up watching the Indiana Hoosiers warm up in their candy stripe pants. When he played basketball from Broomfield the team wore the pinstripes. So in 2007 he decided to bring the look back.

“It’s 1 of the few times I’ve made an executive decision in determining what girls wear. I learned a long time ago not to try and pick their stuff out for them,” Croell told 9NEWS.

The initial reaction wasn’t exactly positive.

“At 1st they wanted nothing to do with them, they thought I was crazy,” said Croell.

“Freshman coming in are like ‘I have to wear these?’ Now it’s just kind of our thing,” Katie told 9NEWS.

To be fair they’re not the only ones who wear the pants. Golden, Arvada West, and Limon all don the stripes as well. Everyone has an opinion including Broomfield opponents.

“They’re kind of like ‘oh nice pants or go back to the circus’ and we’re like ‘too bad’, we think we look cool,” said Katie laughing.

“It’s kind of their loss, they don’t get to wear them,” said senior Haylee Albrecht.

Perhaps opponents are jealous of the Eagles success in the stripes. Because since 1st wearing them in 2007, they’ve won 5 state championships.

“Boy, I don’t think we’ll ever get rid of them,” said Croell.

3 more wins and it will be 6 state titles in 7 seasons.

It’s gotta be the pants.



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