Buckeye Central golfer Lydia Shealy makes school history

Buckeye Central golfer Lydia Shealy makes school history


Buckeye Central golfer Lydia Shealy makes school history



Buckeye Central sophomore Lydia Shealy made school history Tuesday at Valley View Golf Course, becoming the first Buckette to advance to district.

“It’s really exciting, and I’m really happy that I was that person,” Shealy said.

The top three individuals that are not members of the top three qualifying teams made the cut during the Division II sectional tournament, and Shealy grabbed the last spot, shooting a personal best of 93. The first time she played 18 holes, she finished with a 112.

“I was just hoping to do my best, and I guess my best was good enough,” she said.

In just two years time, Shealy has continued to improve her game. She joined the golf team in part because of her older sister, Lauren, one of the first members of the Buckettes program. She’s moving the team forward where her big sister left off.

“It’s been a pleasure to work with Lydia this season,” Buckeye Central coach Jack Kidwell said. “She has a great demeanor for golf, never getting to high or too low. She’s consistently been in the mid to high 40s all season, and has the potential to be even better than that. She’s just a sophomore, and I’m excited to see how good she can be over the next two years.”

Shealy said she put in a lot of practice heading into Tuesday’s sectional, and that her familiarity with Valley View helped her out tremendously.

“I practiced a lot, and my coach helped me too,” she said. “I’ve golfed there I don’t know how many times beforehand just to get to know the greens better.”

Shealy competes in the Division II district tournament at Sycamore Springs in Arlington on Monday.

“I want to shoot in the 90s, but I’m also unfamiliar with the course,” she said.


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