Calvary athletic director Johnny Booty stepping down

Calvary athletic director Johnny Booty stepping down


Calvary athletic director Johnny Booty stepping down


When Calvary Baptist Academy decided to reinstate its athletic program almost eight years ago, Johnny Booty wanted to move fast.

Calvary did, with Booty as head football coach and later as the school’s athletic director.

Booty, who will step down from his position at the end of June to go into private business, oversaw an athletic department that produced three state baseball championships in the school’s first eight season and three state semifinal appearances in football during that time.

“We wanted to run fast,” Booty said. “After I got into it for a year, then Doug (Pederson) came in, and he was able to focus on football, and I could focus more on the facility side. We were able to get a lot done really, really quick.”

At the end of June, Booty will focus his energies on Every 8 Seconds, a not-for-profit group dedicated to providing clean water in areas where contamination runs high.

One of Booty’s first stops with Every 8 Seconds, of which he is the executive director, will be in Guatemala.

“It’s a global crisis,”Booty said. “We have a solar-powered solution. You can use it where there is no power grid at all. You don’t need diesel or gas. You can crank it up and clean 50,000 gallons. You can be by a contaminated lake, river, pond or stream, and you can pump it out and serve it for human consumption.”

Booty said he plans to continue to see a couple of Calvary projects through, including the construction of a track that would add to a group of facilities that has grown impressively in the past eight years.

“They tell the story around here — and it’s a true story — that when they got here, they didn’t have a shoestring,” Cavaliers football coach John Bachman Sr. said. “They didn’t have a football. They didn’t have a baseball. They didn’t have a basketball. In that short period of time, to go from where they started to where they are is impressive.”


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