Cape Coral swimmers, divers have big day at District 2A-10 meet

Cape Coral swimmers, divers have big day at District 2A-10 meet


Cape Coral swimmers, divers have big day at District 2A-10 meet


Dianne Kimble’s wide grin told the story.

Her Cape Coral High boys swim team won the District 2A-10 meet Saturday at FGCU Aquatics Center while her girls swimmers and divers gave Estero a run before coming up short.

“I think the kids did phenomenal,” Kimble said. “They pulled up some of their best times. Lots of smiles today. All I can ask is that they swim their best.”

The Wildcats’ girls district victory was the first for eighth-year coach Jen Seluk.

Senior Amar Turnadzic led a deep Seahawks’ team with wins in the 100-yard freestyle and 100 backstroke while he also was part of winning 200 medley and 400 freestyle relay teams. Teammates Jason Tillotson (200 individual medley), Collan Herby (100 butterfly) and Cory Klemm (100 breaststroke) also won events while being part of those relays.

“We have a lot of club swimmers and people from last year who went to state and are back this year,” Turnadzic said. “Corey Klemm shined a lot.”

Kimble said the team is a nice blend of youth and experience.

“We have beginners, some really good freshmen who have come on board,” she said. “Corey has stepped up and Colin has been a nice addition.”

Because of the depth in the 100 butterfly, Turnadzic swam the 100 freestyle for more points. He knew he was a big favorite in the 100 backstroke “but I was not going to take any chances. I swam all out. I was happy, but I always want to swim better. Even if it was a world record I wouldn’t be happy because I’d want to break it more.”

Kimble said her girls’ couldn’t match Estero’s depth despite getting victories from Kasey Swartley (50, 100 freestyle, 200, 400 freestyle relay) while Savannah Bowser (500 freestyle), Megan Galbreath (1-meter diving) and Amanda Lee (100 breaststroke) also earned individual wins.

“They’re really strong, solid and placed a lot in the top eight, 16,” she said. “We did well. I was very impressed with Kasey. That was really good for her. She’s been training hard. She can be very, very hard on herself. She can be her own worst critic. I was really pleased with Monica Jaeger and Savannah. Our diver Megan did a great job. She’s been working hard to improve her consistency.”

Courtney DeVeny led Estero with victories in the 200 IM and 100 backstroke as well as 200 medley relay.

“It was a goal of ours (to win district),” she said. “I was excited. I was excited for the team.”

DeVeny said the last half of her 200 IM keyed her win. “I’m more a back-half swimmer than sprinter,” she said. “That’s why the 100 back is a little challenge for the sprinting.”

Seluk said the top-eight and top-16 finishes added up in getting that elusive district title.

“I’m so happy,” she said. “We’ve created a new path for the team and the school.”

Girls’ team scores

1. Estero 540.50, 2. Cape Coral 511, 3. Port Charlotte 216, 4. Naples 202.50; 5. Lely 190, 6. North Fort Myers 181, 7. Mariner 109, 8. Cypress Lake 82, 9. Dunbar 18, Golden Gate 1.

Girls’ individual results

(top two automatically qualify for regionals)

200-yard medley relay: 1. Estero (Paige Madden, Courtney DeVeny, Bean Faunce, Lauren McLeod), 155.68; 2. Cape Coral (Kara Coltellino, Amanda Lee, Emma Barcena, Mikinzi Ferran), 2:05.92; 3. Port Charlotte 2:06.02.

200 freestyle: 1. Kaitlyn Hauser, Estero, 1:53.53; 2. Savannah Bowser, Cape Coral, 1:55.11; 3. Danilea Jordan, Estero 1:57.20.

200 individual medley: 1. Courtney DeVeny, Estero, 2:08.96; 2. Bean Faunce, Estero, 2:12.70; 3. Susana Peszek, Estero, 2:31.54

50 freestyle: 1. Kasey Swartley, Cape Coral, 25.25; 2. Paige Madden, Estero, 26.08; 3. Alyson Currau, Estero, 27.11.

1-meter diving: 1. Megan Galbreath, Cape Coral, 398.20; 2. Journi Northorp, Mariner, 386.15; 3. Rachael Masters, Cape Coral 274.20.

100 butterfly: 1. Bean Faunce, Estero, 59.15; 2. Monica Jaeger, Cape Coral, 1:00.67; 3. Amanda Lee, Cape Coral, 1:00.85.

100 freestyle: Kasey Swartley, Cape Coral 54.84; 2. Sarah Dostie, Cape Coral, 55.06; 3. Adrienne Lewis, Naples, 58.04.

500 freestyle: Savannah Bowser, Cape Coral, 5:00.82; 2. Kaitlyn Hauser, Estero, 5:01.06; 3. Lexi Faunce, Estero, 5:11.75.

200 freestyle relay: 1. Cape Coral (Monica Jaeger, Savannah Bowser, Sarah Dostie, Kasey Swartley), 1:41.61; 2. Estero (Danilea Jordan, Lexi Faunce, Lauren McLeod, Kaitlyn Hauser), 1:42.92; 3. Port Charlotte 1:51.25.

100 backstroke: 1. Courtney DeVeny, Estero, 59.51; 2. Danilea Jordan, Estero, 59.95; 3. Monica Jaeger, Cape Coral, 1:04.03.

100 breaststroke: 1. Amanda Lee, Cape Coral, 1:14.46; 2. Kara Coltellino, Cape Coral, 1:15.83; 3. Megan Rissler, Cape Coral, 1:16.23.

400 freestyle relay: 1. Cape Coral (Monica Jaeger, Savannah Bowser, Sarah Dostie, Kasey Swartley), 3:39.37; 2. Estero (Kaitlyn Hauser, Bean Faunce, Courtney DeVeny, Danilea Jordan), 3:41.25; 3. Naples, 4:07.45.

Boys’ team scores

1. Cape Coral 456, 2. Naples 354, 3. Estero 318, 4. Lely 208, 5. Cypress Lake 173, 6. Port Charlotte 169, 7. Mariner 165, 8. Dunbar 52, North Fort Myers 49.

Boys’ individual results

(top two automatically qualify for regionals)

200 medley relay: 1. Cape Coral (Jason Tillotson, Cory Klemm, Collan Herby, Amar Turnadzic), 1:44.83; 2. Estero (Eddie Zacka, Darrien Heil, Ryan Sorenson, Ryne Hensley), 1:50.62; 3. Lely 1:50.85.

200 freestyle: 1. Shawn Lemarie, Naples, 1:44.98; 2. Eric Ordaz, Cypress Lake, 1:47.26; 3. Eddie Zacka, Estero, 1:48.39.

200 individual medley: 1. Jason Tillotson, Cape Coral, 2:00.35; 2. Collan Herby, Cape Coral, 2:02.14; 3. Lucca Delcompare, Lely, 2:02.35

50 freestyle: 1. David Duque, Naples, 23.02; 2. Tyler Tognarine, Cape Coral, 23.12; 3. Chase Craft, Mariner, 23.27.

100 butterfly: Collan Herby, Cape Coral, 52.81; 2. Lucca Delcompare, Lely, 54.03; 3. Cory Klemm, Cape Coral, 55.14.

100 freestyle: Amar Turnadzic, Cape Coral, 50.53; 2. Brandon DeTschaschell, Naples, 50.71; 3. Tyler Tognarine, Cape Coral, 51.44

500 freestyle: 1. Shawn Lemarie, Naples, 4:44.09, 2. Eric Ordaz, Cypress Lake, 4:45.12; 3. Eddie Zacka, Estero, 4:51.75

200 freestyle relay: 1. Cape Coral (Zac Keating, Jonah Martinez, Josh Wenzel, Tyler Tognarine), 1:33.40; 2. Naples (Brandon deTschaschell, Nicholas Lupinski, Trenton Rocco, Shawn Lemarie), 1:37.79; 3. Port Charlotte 1:39.46

100 backstroke: 1. Amar Turnadzic, Cape Coral, 57.95; 2. Zac Keating, Cape Coral, 1:01.32; 3. Darrien Heil, Estero, 1:02.36.

100 breaststroke: 1. Cory Klemm, Cape Coral, 59.50; 2. Jason Tillotson, Cape Coral, 1:00.70; 3. David Duque, Naples, 1:01.63.

400 freestyle relay: 1. Cape Coral (Jason Tillotson, Cory Klemm, Amar Turnadzic, Collan Herby), 3:26.01; 2. Naples (Brandon deTschaschell, Nicolas Lupinski, David Duque, Shawn Lemarie), 3:29.01; 3. Lely, 3:36.35.


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