Catching up with... Auburndale's Camille Swart

Catching up with... Auburndale's Camille Swart


Catching up with... Auburndale's Camille Swart


Being a left-handed pitcher gives Camille Swart a leg up on opposing batters, especially the left-handed kind.

And the long winter — along with a new pitching coach — allowed her to improve her skills and make things even more difficult for those who step in the batters box.

“We started off the season adjusting her delivery and that’s made her more effective this year,” Auburndale softball coach Kelly Strupp said. “She’s a good learner and has picked up a lot of what she’s been taught this season.”

Swart is currently 2-3 on the season, having struck out 28 batters and allowed 32 hits in 36 innings of work.

And the thing that has Strupp the most excited about her is that she’s just a junior.

“Camille already a good pitcher and we have one more year to work with her,” Strupp said. “She’s gaining experience this year and if she continues to work hard, she’s only going to get better.”

What are the advantages of being a left-handed pitcher?: The look of our delivery is different that a right-handed pitcher. It’s the opposite of what batters are used to and by itself can keep batters off balance. Our pitches spin different and we pitch outside instead of inside because our pitches tails away from the batter.

What is your best pitch?: My outside fastball. I’ve been doing it since I was little and because I pitch left-handed, it flicks to the outside when I deliver it. It gets right-handed batters chase after it because it’s moving away from them.

There is pressure on a pitcher. Do you like it?: My favorite thing about pitching is being able to strike out a batter for the third out of an inning. I like to be able to take care of some outs for my teammates. When I’m having an off night is when I feel the most pressure.

What was the most difficult aspect of this short spring?: After five weeks in the gym taking ground balls on the gym floor it was tough getting used to fielding a ball on dirt. I worked a lot on pitching inside, but it’s better outside.

Who is your biggest rival?: We always have good games with Edgar, Stratford and Pittsville, but I think Stratford is out biggest rival. They have such a good softball program and we get pumped to play them.

What is the best thing about high school sports?: My teammates. The fun you have with them in games and practice. And winning games with them.

If you could only go out for softball or volleyball, what would you pick?: I love being outdoors for softball, but I really like volleyball too. I wouldn’t want to choose.

People are surprised that I __ ?: Really like Asparagus. My dad grows the best garden fresh asparagus.


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