Chase Forrest defends football

Chase Forrest defends football

Ultimate Athlete

Chase Forrest defends football


Mater Dei (Santa Ana, Calif.) quarterback Chase Forrest doesn’t think, he knows.

“The best athletes are on the football field,” Forrest said. “For a lot of different reasons, but it’s definitely football.”

From toughness to quickness, here are more of Forrest’s reasons why he’s so adamant that his sport produces the ultimate athletes.

Why is the ultimate athlete in your sport?

“The biggest reason I say it’s football is because of toughness; whether it’s hitting someone or eluding a defender or even taking a hit you’ve got to be tough and super-athletic to be a good football player.”

For anyone who disagrees, what drill specific to your sport would you like to see them try?

“There are so many like the Oklahoma drill where it’s a head-on collision. Pretty much most football drills require a lot of athleticism.”

What sport comes after football in producing the best athletes?


What's the best measure of a true athlete (strength, speed, quickness, agility, etc.)?

“I think it’s quickness. It’s good to be fast, but sometimes it’s better to have those first three steps to get out ahead of the pack. That separates athletes if you ask me.”

Who is the best athlete in your sport, past or present?

“Probably Calvin Johnson right now.”

What is the best example of something you did personally that shows why your sport has the ultimate athlete?

“I think just extending the play and scrambling out of the pocket; you’ve got to be really athletic to do that and, not to brag, but I feel like that’s something that I do really well.”

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