Debunking Sports Myths

Debunking Sports Myths

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Debunking Sports Myths


Not every guard with a headband can shoot, not every linebacker with muscles is a monster on the gridiron and, no, you won’t always be perfect just because you practice.

Time to retire these archaic, “sounds good” sayings.

We’re on a mission to debunk cliché sports myths one at a time; so every week we’ll catch up with an athlete who knows from experience that the cheesy “facts” about their sport they’d always heard coming up from coaches to playground has-beens aren’t exactly gospel after all.

This week we caught up with Bishop Gorman (Las Vegas) quarterback Randall Cunningham Jr. and had him expose the myth about the giant-sized lineman and the correlation between his hugeness and his on-field production.

The Myth: Huge lineman = Beast

The Breakdown: “Well, anyone who’s played football before has definitely seen the big, tall lineman who’s like 6-foot-8, 380 pounds and he walks on the field during warm-ups and the whole team starts thinking that he’s gonna be tough to deal with. You’re not even supposed to be focused on the other team, but you can’t help but notice the big guy and automatically you think he’s gonna be chasing the quarterback all night and throwing guys out of the way because he’s so big. I think we’ve all been guilty of this one.”

The Debunk: “I remember one time we played against a team that had a huge lineman on the team and we were all pointing at him like he was gonna be the man! But when the game started he didn’t come onto the field. Then he didn’t come in on defense either. By the time the game was over, he hadn’t played at all. That definitely changed my thought about the big boys who look like they’re gonna be dominating. Now I wait and see if they’re all size!”

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Debunking Sports Myths
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