Does field hockey produce the Ultimate Athlete?

Does field hockey produce the Ultimate Athlete?

Ultimate Athlete

Does field hockey produce the Ultimate Athlete?


Roosevelt (Kent, Ohio) field hockey player Hannah Flannery feels that our quest to find out which sport produces the best athletes has come to a screeching halt.

“It’s field hockey,” Flannery said. “We’ve got the best athletes for sure.”


“Oh trust me we’ve got the best athletes,’ Flannery said. “Other sports may be more popular, but it’s field hockey in this one.”

Check out Flannery’s arguments for her sport.

Why is the ultimate athlete in your sport?

“Because in field hockey you’ve got to have a lot of strength and speed, but you also have to have a lot of form because you’re playing with a stick and you’re playing really low. You have to be a great athlete to be a field hockey player.”

For others who disagree, what drill specific to your sport would you like to see them try?

“Well, I would love to see anyone who disagrees try a drill where there’s a 50/50 ball and you’re in an all-out sprint to try and get the ball. You’ve got to be strong, fast, tough and smart. It gets really messy and really aggressive! Have them try that one.”

What is the second-toughest sport behind yours?

“Definitely football.”

What's the best measure of a true athlete (strength, speed, quickness, agility, etc.)?

“I think it’s having heart and having the attitude that you’re never going to give up no matter what.”

Who is the best athlete in your sport, past or present?

“Well, I personally feel like it’s my teammate Taylor Elder. She’s an amazing athlete and an amazing player. She’s got an amazing mentality too. Best I know.”

What is the best example of something you did personally that shows why your sport has the ultimate athlete?

“Well, I feel like, because field hockey has the best athletes, it’s allowed me to be even better in other sports. I also play football and lacrosse. And getting through two-a-days in the summer, especially in Ohio, is just a testament to the training and athleticism that goes in to being a field hockey player.”


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