Enjoy nature's beauty every day

Enjoy nature's beauty every day


Enjoy nature's beauty every day


On one hand, living in a log home in the woods has been a dream come true. On the other, there is a lot of maintenance that comes with that dream.

We heat with wood. So there is wood to cut, split and stack, and a woodburner to keep clean — as well as the chimney — to avoid a fire. All in all, it is more pleasure than work. It keeps me hopping and in tune, to some extent, with what our forefathers did. I know what you are thinking, and I agree. I have it a whole lot easier than the settlers.

One of the chores is treating the logs on our home. This requires cleaning and coating them with a wood preservative. I apply ours with a brush, which gives a much more even coating. While doing this I come across many spiders. I am not afraid of them, I just do not like them. One thing I noticed was a good number of spiderlings. They appeared to have just hatched out of the egg cases. I usually associate youth with spring. Taking a break from my labors, I climbed down from the ladder and stepped into the sunlight. Looking into the sky, I came to notice how blue it was and how white the clouds were. I felt the sun on my face, and noticed the contrast of the leaves against the sky. Just then a Blue Jay flew past and then a Turkey Vulture circled lazily overhead. I walked around observing nature, which made for a long break. On the ground, I saw several yellow jacket bodies and some bald-face hornet bodies. Ants were taking advantage of the end of the life of these insects to stockpile food for winter. With all this to see, I realized just how great of a world we live in. As humans we take for granted that we will be here for a long time. Waking each day, we start our routine and don’t really look at what grandeur is presented to us. Fall is a sad time of year for me because of everything dying, but it is part of life and I still find pleasure in what nature brings me in all seasons.

The jist of this is to get out and enjoy nature and find something to brighten your day. It can be as simple as a bird or snow on trees but, if you look for it, you’ll find it.

Junior Border and Ray Kirkbride had a grand time hunting pheasants up at Elkhorn Lake Hunt Club near Bucyrus. There group bagged a bunch of birds and had a good time doing it.

Be safe and enjoy the great Ohio outdoors.


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Enjoy nature's beauty every day
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