Getting to know Pacelli soccer player Tyus Groos

Getting to know Pacelli soccer player Tyus Groos


Getting to know Pacelli soccer player Tyus Groos


Tyus Groos figured to follow down the same path as his older brothers Andrew and Adrian before him, and make an impact with the Pacelli coed soccer program.

But the multi-sport athlete opted for football his freshman and sophomore seasons with the Cardinals, and then took last year completely off during the fall athletic season to focus on basketball.

Tyus caught the soccer bug again prior to his senior season, and the senior striker looks like he never skipped a beat with six goals in the Cardinals opening two matches.

Groos took some time out to talk about soccer and his athletic career at Pacelli:

After playing soccer at the youth levels growing up, you decided not to play soccer your first three years of high school Tyus. What made you decide to participate in soccer your senior season, and what has been the toughest part of playing a sport you have been away from for three years?:

Groos: I really liked football, but when something you love goes away, I definitely missed soccer. I’m surprised I’ve been able to do what I have so far. My shot is still off, so I’ve really just been using my speed and getting great feeds from our midfielders. I can tell my dribbling ability with the ball still needs work, and deciding whether to dribble around defenders or pass the ball off.

Who was your role model growing up?:

Groos: I would say my older brothers. I’ve been following them my whole life and seeing the choices they’ve made. They got me back into soccer and convinced me to play soccer again, it’s been great and they were a big part of it. Having two older brothers and always playing around with them, I just wanted to be as good, if not better than them. I guess you could call it friendly family competition.

At 5-foot-6, or at least that is what you were listed at on the Pacelli basketball roster, you have managed to make an impact in sports usually reserved for athletes a little bigger in stature like football and basketball. How have you been able to enjoy success at the high school level at your size?:

Groos: I really wish I was a little bit bigger, like 6-4, but God made me the size I am. It’s been a tough journey with the build I have, so I’ve had to work hard on some of the other things outside of my size to help make up for the height difference. I think my speed has definitely helped me out and I can be faster and quicker than the bigger players.

If you could choose any sport possible to play professionally, what sport would you choose and why?:

Groos: I would probably pick track and field. I just think it would be sweet to be part of the Olympics in that sport and be part of the atmosphere and excitement for that. I think it would be an awesome experience to be able to say I went against Usain Bolt, and to just to be able to say I raced against him would be awesome.

If you could sit down with one person, dead or alive, who would you choose and why?:

Groos: I would definitely pick Martin Luther King. He was able to come in change so much in this country with his words and actions during a time and the situation our country was in at that point in history. I went to see the movie, “The Butler” and they talked a lot about him in there. He really made a difference.


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