Hanging with Kaylee Johnson

Hanging with Kaylee Johnson

The Life

Hanging with Kaylee Johnson


Natrona County (Casper, Wyo.) basketball standout Kaylee Johnson makes an impact with her sharp shooting and quick rebounding – she averaged 18 points and 13.9 rebounds a game last season.

And even when Johnson‘s not practicing or playing, the Stanford-bound guard/forward is plenty wrapped up in the game by absorbing it in the form of her favorite basketball flicks.

Love & Basketball

Johnson: I think every girl basketball player wishes her life was exactly like the plot, but I’ve always thought it wasn’t realistic. When I watched it when I was younger, I dreamt about becoming a college player just like Monica did. Watching the movie now, it’s cool to be able to relate. I can never watch this movie enough!

Double Teamed

Johnson: The movie shows the competition between two sisters trying to please their dad and improve their game. My sister and I felt the same way when we were younger, but it (the competition) was less intense.

The Heart of the Game

Johnson: It’s an inspiring story about the passion and commitment of a team, its unique coach and players and their fight to play the game.

Coach Carter

Johnson: It’s about a struggling boys basketball program in a very poor neighborhood. A new and very strict coach reforms the program and makes his players into a solid basketball team and respectful gentlemen. Each player ultimately determines his destiny.

The transformation is truly amazing, and it helps me realize how critical it is to have a solid foundation in relationships with coaches and teams. The movie also reminds me of how lucky I am to be where I am and given opportunities as opposed to the boys [in the film] who were less fortunate.

Space Jam

Johnson: It’s classic. It’s a fun movie that I grew up watching and love. Definitely the final basketball game is the best part of the film.


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Hanging with Kaylee Johnson
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