Heritage Football honors fallen soldier Danny Dietz

Heritage Football honors fallen soldier Danny Dietz


Heritage Football honors fallen soldier Danny Dietz


“When you have to lose someone in war, the only thing you can ask for is that they are remembered and never forgotten,” said Tiffany Bitz. She lost her brother Danny Dietz 8 years ago. The Heritage graduate was killed in action serving in Afghanistan on June 28th of 2005. His family and community have started an annual memorial that is a little different.

Football players from Heritage and Chatfield came together on the anniversary of Danny’s passing away. They paid their respects with a work out.

“They’re doing push ups, sit ups, weighted lunges with a 45 pound weight, they’re doing overhead press, flutter kicks, and burpees,” Danny’s brother-in-law Alex Bitz told 9NEWS.

Six exercises, 28 reps, five sets, it’s a tribute to the day Danny passed away: 6-28-05.

“This event is to memorialize Danny and everything he’s done and all the suffering he went through on that day and everything he’s provided us and our freedom,” said Alex.

Chatfield’s Reese Rumsey won the competition.

“I thought it was incredible,” said Rumsey, “I think this is 1 of the best memorial things you can do for a fallen soldier, I just think the whole event was awesome.”

It’s a grueling event that many struggled to finish. Those that did were exhausted.

“Seeing everyone out here today and honoring my brother, it reassures us that people aren’t forgetting,” Tiffany Bitz told 9NEWS.

Before the event started, Tiffany encouraged the competitors with an old saying her brother Danny liked: pain heals, chicks dig scars, and glory lasts forever.


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