Honored to be part of Snapple Bowl

Honored to be part of Snapple Bowl


Honored to be part of Snapple Bowl


After being told that I was going to represent Governor Livingston High School in the Snapple Bowl many thoughts ran through my mind. Perhaps the biggest thought was that it is truly an honor to represent my high school and fellow seniors in the 2013 annual Snapple Bowl. I have attended this game every year starting in fourth grade when I began being the ball boy for Governor Livingston’s football team.

Over the years I always wanted to be part of the Snapple Bowl and see my name listed on the back of the T-shirt and now I am. This game is not just any other football game, but it is a football game to benefit the children that will never be able to throw the ball or strap on pads and a helmet and run out onto the field. These kids are truly our biggest fans, however we are also theirs. To fight every day and conquer what they couldn’t the day before is truly inspiring to me.

As an athlete I do my best to take care of my body by going to the gym, running, and eating right. Usually, I don’t think much about my daily routine and sort of take my body and health for granted. Playing in the Snapple Bowl has enabled me to be thankful for every day of good health that I have knowing that there are children who wish they could do the things that I do routinely. Being aware that 100 percent of the proceeds from the Snapple Bowl will benefit Children’s Specialized Hospital and Lake View School for Cerebral Palsy makes playing in this game even more important to me. This year the players were asked to sell raffle tickets to help in the fundraising efforts. I personally sold $510.00 in ticket sales and want to thank everyone who purchased a ticket from me. For me playing in the Snapple Bowl is a do-good, feel-good event that I am honored to be a part of.

Playing in the Snapple Bowl means a lot to me because I am able to share it with my fellow teammate, D.J McHugh. D.J and I have been playing football together since fourth grade and it is truly an honor to be playing alongside him. We are more than just teammates we are good friends who are there for one another both on and off the field.

We have shared similar life experiences that have helped us become the strong confident young men we are today. I am proud to call D.J. my friend. Supporting us in the stands along with our family and friends will be current and former players from Governor Livingston’s football team along with many of our former PAL and high school football coaches. Having them in attendance is something that is extremely encouraging.


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