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It's your boy, Boog

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It's your boy, Boog


St. Benedict’s Prep (Newark, N.J.) combo guard Isaiah Briscoe was a last-second jump shot away from leading the Gray Bees to a national title in April, and the sting from that loss has made him even more focused on dominating than usual. That’s led to a scoring barrage this AAU season that’s got him in a close race for the Nike Elite Youth Basketball League’s scoring title, and that kind of output has everyone from Florida to Arizona to Kentucky, and many more, giving chase. Briscoe, a five-star sophomore, has agreed to give USA TODAY HSS exclusive access into his world by chronicling everything from intimate details about his recruitment to his everyday life in a blog.

What’s up world!

It’s your boy Isaiah Briscoe and I’m starting my new blog here with USA Today and, of course, I’m excited about it, so here we go…

First, I’ll let you know why I call it “Boogie’s World.”

Boogie is a nickname my AAU coach in the sixth grade gave me because he loved my handles and the way I went past people on the court. It just kinda stuck with me.

I feel like I’ve been doing really well in the EYBL so far this season.

This weekend in Dallas is the third session of the EYBL and it’s a big one for us. We’re coming off a 4-1 weekend at the second session in Virginia two weekends ago and, of course, I feel like we should’ve went 5-0.

I did good individually scoring the ball and getting my teammates involved, and a lot of people talk about the points I was scoring, but I don’t really get caught up in all of that. I just do whatever it takes for my team to win. If I have 30 points and we win I’m happy; if I have eight points and we win I’m just as happy. It’s all the same as long as we win.

I definitely want to keep playing well because I feel like one of my big roles on this team is to score. I feel like me and my boy Isaiah Whitehead makeup the best backcourt in the EYBL too.

I’m just a confident player. We’re two big guards that can handle, shoot, overpower guards in the post and get our teammates involved. I just feel like we’re the best. That’s how I play. That’s always my mentality.

My recruitment has really been picking up since AAU started.

Since the EYBL in Virginia I’ve heard from Kentucky, Michigan, UCLA and Ohio State. Other schools are Florida, Villanova, Virginia, DePaul, Cincinnati, Seton Hall, Rutgers, Syracuse, Miami, Arizona, Baylor, Pittsburgh and there are a few others.

It’s been cool.

At this point, I just want to go somewhere where I can have the ball in my hands as a freshman and where they allow me to play my game. I think at the next level I’m a scoring point guard. I think that’s the role that best fits me.

I’m different from most guys. I’m not waiting on schools to offer or recruit me; if they want me that’s great, if not I understand. I just feel like I’ll end up where I’m supposed to end up.

I really don’t have any favorites.

I’ll probably visit Florida maybe next month and then head out to Arizona at some point this summer too.

Coming into the AAU season I am definitely playing with a chip on my shoulder because I just don’t think I get the respect I deserve. Not so much with rankings, even though I know those are wrong, just respect period.

Some rankings think that 23 sophomores in the country are better than me and I just don’t agree with that, but I know everyone will have their opinions; it’s up to me to focus on myself and let the rest play out.

Do I think I’m the No. 1 sophomore? No question!

No disrespect to anyone else, but that’s the only way I think. Confidence is a big part of my game. I go hard at everything. I think everyone’s goal should be to be the best.

I love when guys talk on the court because I’m a talker too. Nothing too far, just a little trash-talk and we’re cool after the game. Most competitors do it. I love it!

OK, I know most of you may have seen the national championship where we lost to Montverde on a last second three. People always ask me if I’m over that, and, to be honest, no I’m still not over that.

That’s the absolute worst way you can lose a game like that. We hit a three to go up one with 11 seconds left then they comeback and hit a three to win at the end.

It was a heartbreaker.

I watch that last second shot almost every night. I guess I’m kinda obsessed with it.

In hindsight, I think we should’ve called timeout, but the biggest thing was that I think we celebrated a little too soon. But I’m trying to move on and just focus on getting better and working hard.

Some people know that me and Kyrie Irving are cousins. I try and keep in touch with he and his dad and I’ll probably workout with him some this summer too. Gotta see where his game is at!

What do I do when I’m not playing basketball? Well, I’m really just being a kid. I’m a big kid for real! I watch cartoons everyday and my favorite is definitely SpongeBob!

If I’m not watching sports I’m watching cartoons.

Oh and I’m definitely the best practical joker in the game. One of my best ones was when I soaked my high school teammate Tyrell Green’s bed with water and then put ice on top and covered it with blankets.

He was pretty pissed off, but it was too funny! No one has topped that one yet. I’m anticipating that he’s plotting to get me back, but I’m ready for him.

School’s going pretty good too. I’ve got a strong B average, but I’m not satisfied with that. Our school is really strong academically, and I like to push myself in the classroom too so I want to get it up even more. I’m working on it.

My favorite subject is social studies. It’s so interesting!

Right now we’re learning about ancient Mesopotamia and the different wars and things like that. I love that stuff!

Well, thanks again people! I’m gonna go ahead and roll out.

I hope you guys liked the blog and make sure you come back soon because I’ll have another one coming.

Again, it’s your boy Boog!

Until next time, y’all be easy!

Don’t forget to follow Isaiah Briscoe on Twitter: @_IsaiahBriscoe

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It's your boy, Boog
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