Little Hawks bear down

Little Hawks bear down


Little Hawks bear down



If it’s possible to get down and dirty in a track meet, City High did it Thursday at the Class 4A state qualifier at Linn-Mar Stadium.

The girls won the team title and sent at least 10 entries to state. The Little Hawk boys sent at least eight entries to state and finished runner-up to Linn-Mar.

“It’s tough having a one-day meet to qualify for a three-day meet, but our kids really came out and toughed it out,” City boys coach Tom Carey said. “It was a great meet for us.”

The top two finishers in every event automatically qualified for the state meet, held next Thursday, Friday and Saturday in Des Moines. After all eight state-qualifying meets are run, an additional eight at-large slots will be filled with the best remaining times from around the state.

Two 4A meets were postponed from Thursday to Friday, so the final list of state qualifiers won’t be known until late tonight, assuming weather doesn’t force any more postponements.

“We had some lower places, but our times are going to get us in,” City girls co-coach Joe Graf said.

The City High girls piled up 151.83 points to beat the host school by 12.5 points (Linn-Mar, 139.33).

“It takes a lot of effort,” City runner Claire Crew said. “Everyone has to work together and have a positive mental attitude.”

It also helps to have a few “freaks of nature.”

That’s what Graf called Sarah Plock, who won the open 400 meters and 400 hurdles for City.

“Yeah, I think that’s a compliment,” Plock said. “The 400 is definitely a good race for me.”

It was only the second time this season Plock has run the open 400, but it was a night for doing new things.

The City boys were paced by Brook Price, who won the 3,200 and finished second in the 1,600. It was the first time this season he ran both races in one meet.

“It will make you tired, but my legs felt snappy,” Price said. “I’ve never had to go that much in a race, but I can do that sort of thing.”

Price beat Josh Evans of Linn-Mar in the 3,200 by .08 seconds, then lost to Evans by 3.6 seconds in the 1,600. Price expects them to be neck-and-neck again at state.

“He’s a good runner, but I’ll do anything it takes to get the title at state,” Price said.

Price also ran in the 4×400, but his day was tame compared to Mohamed Traore, who ran in the 4×800, the 400 hurdles and the 800.

“That’s one of the toughest assignments ever,” Carey said. “We wouldn’t have given it to him. He asked for it. It’s a short turnaround. But he came out and did it.”

City qualified by placing second in the 4×800, and Traore was also second in the 400 lows. He was fifth in the open 800.

In a night of a lot of close finishes, the City medley team beat the Linn-Mar team by .05 seconds. Rasheem Shivers ran the anchor for the Little Hawks.

“I was hoping I had it,” Shivers said. “I felt I was one step ahead of him. The main thing going through my head was, ‘we need to qualify.’ That was my main priority.”

Ryan Dorman was second in the 400 and 800 in another multi-purpose role for City High.

The City High girls were able to claim the title thanks to a big boost of 43 points from its field events. Aliyah Gustafson won the shot put (Amara Lehman was second), Abby Saehler won the high jump, and Kiera Washpun won the long jump.

“That’s what we’ve been doing all year,” Graf said. “And we double-placed in a lot of things.”

Graf also brought several runners who had played a double-overtime soccer game two days ago — Erin Danielson, Fanta Traore, Maddie DePrenger and Delany Johnson.

“They put their heart out on the track,” Graf said.

The City girls also automatically qualified in the 4×800, and Ellen Carman was second in the 3,000.

“We did our best, and got where we wanted to be,” Crew said.


Team scores – 1. Linn-Mar 136; 2. City High 117; 3. Cedar Rapids Prairie 112; 4. Cedar Rapids Kennedy 106; 5. Cedar Rapids Washington 71; 6. Cedar Rapids Jefferson 58; 7. Cedar Rapids Xavier 55; 8. Marshalltown 46.

Top 2, City placewinners:

High jump – 1. Willie Rhoads (CRK) 6-5.25; 2. Brady Arment (M) 6-2; 4. Cam Spears (City) 6-0.

Shot put – 1. Drew Heitland (CRK) 49-9.75; 2. Pedro Gomez (M) 49-5.5; 4. Tanner Odle (City) 48-0.5; 8. Matt Lee (City) 44.8.

Discus – 1. Craig Murtha (CRX) 156-7.5; 2. Wesley Ennis (CRW) 139-0.

Long jump – 1. Famiek Cook (CRK) 22-4.5; 2. Derek Jacobus (CRK) 22-2.

4×800 – 1. Linn-Mar (Chase Grabau, Greyson Dolezal, Duggan Trenary, Daniel Murphy) 8:04.70; 2. City High (Mohamed Traore, Adam Bwayo, Rasheem Shivers, Hugh Ritter) 8:06.37.

3,200 – 1. Brook Price (City) 9:25.17; 2. Josh Evans (LM) 9:25.25; 5. Chris Ohrt (City) 9:53.84.

Shuttle hurdle relay – 1. C.R. Kennedy (Tom Kaiser, Derek Jacobus, Marcus Perkins, Famiek Cook) 56.79; 2. Linn-Mar (Mike Keiser, Rhys Jacobus, Keegan Cook, Tristan Freese) 57.77; 7. City (Cam Spears, Matt Kroeze, Mack Stolley, Shamari Scott) 1:05.06.

100 – 1. Perrion Scott (LM) 10.84; 2. Nick Steingreaber (CRX) 10.95; 3. Bryson Runge (City) 11.12; 8. Amos Lavela (City) 11.40.

110 hurdles – 1. Mike Keiser (LM) 15.06; 2. Haakon Wilz (CRP) 15.09; 6. Kole Butler (City) 15.57.

1,600 – 1. Josh Evans (LM) 4:21.90; 2. Brook Price (City) 4:24.30; 7. Chris Ohrt (City) 4:42.07.

4×200 – 1. Linn-Mar (Austin Flieder, Tristan Freese, Tim Wolfe, Perrion Scott) 1:27.57; 2. C.R. Kennedy (Marcus Perkins, Famiek Cook, Jacob Shannon, Derek Jacobus) 1:29.32; 3. City (Amos Lavela, Michael Gloer, Joey Kebschull, Bryson Runge) 1:30.77.

400 – 1. Tristan Beyer (CRP) 49.77; 2. Ryan Dorman (City) 50.06.

200 – 1. Perrion Scott (LM) 22.15; 2. John Koelling (CRK) 22.47.

400 hurdles – 1. Haakon Wilz (CRP) 54.52; 2. Mohamed Traore (City) 55.52.

Medley relay – 1. City (Bryson Runge, Kole Butler, Michael Gloer, Rasheem Shivers) 3:33.37; 2. Linn-Mar (Austin Flieder, Tim Wolfe, Ryan Wirth, Chase Grabau) 3:33.42.

800 – 1. Timauntay Jones (CRJ) 1:56.81; 2. Ryan Dorman (City) 1:58.83; 5. Mohamed Traore (City) 1:59.14.

4×100 – 1. Linn-Mar (Perrion Scott, Tristan Freese, Brandon Jeffries, Tim Wolfe) 42.24; 2. City (Amos Lavela, Kole Butler, Michael Gloer, Bryson Runge) 42.98.

4×400 – 1. C.R. Prairie (Tristan Beyer, Lucas Howes, Jarred Edmonds, Demetrius Harper) 3:24.56; 2. Linn-Mar (Austin Flieder, Ryan Wirth, Tristan Freese, Chase Grabau) 3:25.91; 7. City (Ryan Dorman, Brook Price, Rasheem Shivers, Mohamed Traore) 3:38.32.


Team scores – 1. City High 151.83; 2. Linn-Mar 139.33; 3. Cedar Rapids Jefferson 122.33; 4. Cedar Rapids Kennedy 112; 5. Cedar Rapids Washington 76.5; 6. Cedar Rapids Prairie 75; 7. Marshalltown 32; 8. Cedar Rapids Xavier 22.

Top 2, City placewinners:

High jump – 1. Abby Saehler (City) 5-2; 2. Kenzie Soeken (CRP) 5-1; 8. Courtney Joens (City) 4-6.

Shot put – 1. Aliyah Gustafson (City) 39-1.75; 2. Amara Lehman (City) 36-10.25.

Long jump – 1. Kiera Washpun (City) 17-3.5; 2. Brooke Lorenz (LM) 16-8.

Discus – 1. Emma Edelen (CRJ) 125-6; 2. Alex Malloy (CRP) 124-10; 4. Aliyah Gustafson (City) 118-9.5.

3,000 – 1. Stephanie Jenks (LM) 10:21.03; 2. Ellen Carman (City) 10:35.94; 5. Molly Shepherd (City) 10:44.61.

4×800 – 1. C.R. Kennedy (Kathia Wampole, Carolyn Stone, Lauren Meyer, Kristen Siebenga) 9:42.85; 2. City High (Fanta Traore, Morgan Sammons, Soumba Traore, Daniela Perret) 9:54.55.

100 – 1. Kadejah Sanders (CRW) 12.56; 2. Maliya Rattliffe (CRJ) 12.60.

Shuttle hurdle – 1. C.R. Jefferson (Taylor Jacobson, Sam Kitterman, Abbie Ranschau, Madison Ranschau) 1:05.59; 2. C.R. Kennedy (Emma Moss, Alexus Rogers, Kelsie Coates, Marisa Estelle) 1:06.61; 3. City (Terra Perez, Sara Blowers, Elke Windschitl, Aspen Miller) 1:09.61.

400 – 1. Sarah Plock (City) 57.98; 2. Claire Crew (City) 58.64.

Distance medley relay – 1. C.R. Washington (Jasmyne Jones, Megan Muller, Jasmine Raue, Shannon Gorman) 4:15.52; 2. C.R. Jefferson (Morgan Meese, Abbie Ranschau, Sam Kitterman, Meredith Koenigsfeld) 4:19.58; 5. City (Maddie DePrenger, Erin Danielson, Sashay Carroll, Ellen Carman) 4:26.22.

100 hurdles – 1. Madison Ranschau (CRJ) 15.04; 2. Marisa Estelle (CRK) 15.06; 6. Terra Perez (City) 16.81; 7. Aspen Miller (City) 17.07.

4×200 – 1. C.R. Jefferson (Maliya Rattliffe, Lucy Schneekloth, Jasmine Blue, Rachel Broghammer) 1:42.52; 2. C.R. Washington (Jasmyne Jones, Moegan Muller, Jasmine Raue, Kadejah Sanders) 1:48.20; 4. City (Delany Johnson, Hazel Crew, Sara Blowers, Kiera Washpun) 1:48.61.

800 – 1. Stephanie Jenks (LM) 2:15.46; 2. Amber Decker (LM) 2:17.82; 5. Soumba Traore (City) 2:24.76; 6. Aminata Traore (City) 2:25.88.

200 – 1. Lucy Schneekloth (CRJ) 25.76; 2. Eisha Oden (M) 26.21.

400 hurdles – 1. Sarah Plock (City) 1:03.00; 2. Taylor Jacobson (CRJ) 1:05.25; 4. Erin Danielson (City) 1:09.74.

1,500 – 1. Stephanie Jenks (LM) 4:45.29; 2. Ellen Carman (City) 4:54.52.

Sprint medley relay – 1. C.R. Jefferson (Maliya Rattliffe, Morgan Meese, Rachel Broghammer, Jasmine Blue) 1:50.02; 2. C.R. Washington (Jasmyne Jones, Megan Muller, Kadejah Sanders, Anne Visser) 1:50.58; 3. City (Terra Perez, Mickey Hansche, Kiera Washpun, Claire Crew) 1:50.95.

4×100 – 1. C.R. Jefferson (Maliya Rattliffe, Lucy Schneekloth, Morgan Meese, Rachel Broghammer) 49.23; 2. C.R. Washington (Jasmine Raue, Jasmyne Jones, Megan Muller, Kadjah Sanders) 49.54; 4. City (Deleany Johnson, Sarah Plock, Claire Crew, Kiera Washpun) 50.31.

4×400 – 1. C.R. Jefferson (Taylor Jacobson, Meredith Koenigsfeld, Sam Kitterman, Rachel Broghammer) 4:05.05; 2. Linn-Mar (Madeline Saville, Kennedy Japenga, Rachel Perry, Amber Decker) 4:06.47; 3. City (Fatimah Omar, Fanta Traore, Erin Danielson, Sarah Plock) 4:07.33.

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Little Hawks bear down
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