Minden set for 'Power Plus 2 Day'

Minden set for 'Power Plus 2 Day'


Minden set for 'Power Plus 2 Day'


One way or another, members of the Minden football team will set national records at today’s Power Plus 2 lifting competition at 10 a.m. today at Minden High School.

Crimson Tide players will work together, in sets of two, to bench and squat as many pounds as possible.

“It’s a two-person machine, so it teaches the guys that they have to work together,” Minden coach Randy Peters said. “This will be the first ever 4A Power Plus 2 competition, and it will be nationally recognized. That will make us the first 4A school in the nation to set these records. It’s a new thing. So, we’re setting the national mark in 4A. It’s a pretty neat deal.”

Minden is the first Louisiana school to own a Power Plus 2 system and one of just a few in the nation.

“We will have several sets of guys lifting, some starting at 400 and some at 500 on the bench,” Peters said. “They will keep going as high as they can. In the squats, we will have some exhibition teams aiming for more than 1,000 pounds squatting. Whatever we do will be the first national record. Then it will be up to other schools to try to beat our marks.”

The Power Plus 2 program also includes a motivational message.

“The whole idea behind it is a Christian message with character building, morality lessons, drug-free emphasis and just making good choices,” Peters said. “The young people involved are encouraged to work together as a team as well as have great overall character. We do things that will help them down the line as well, so there is a ministry behind it.”

While Peters doesn’t know exactly what to expect for a fan turnout this morning, he hopes the community attends to support his lifters. Minden mayor Bill Robertson will attend and name today “Power Plus 2 Day” in the city.

“We’ve been putting the word out heavily around town, and a lot of people have gotten involved,” Peters said.

“Dan Goddard, one of our coaches, is heading it up. He’s actually a founder of the Power Plus 2 system, and he’s done a great job with it to make sure it will run smoothly and be a recognized national event.”


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