Minden without football coach after Peters resigns

Minden without football coach after Peters resigns


Minden without football coach after Peters resigns


Randy Peters walked into Minden principal Robin Tucker’s office early Monday afternoon to resign from his position as the Crimson Tide’s head football coach.

It was a move that Tucker wasn’t anticipating. Just a few weeks ago, Peters would have been surprised as well.

After what he called, “one of the best spring and offseasons I’ve ever been around at Minden,” Peters said he knew he needed to make a change.

“Since spring ended, I was able to sit back and think about what I’m doing,” said Peters, a head coach for a combined 12 seasons in a 25-year coaching career. “I’ve been coaching football for many years, and it was just time to take a break. I’m going to spend a little time with my family and find out what I’m going to do. It’s just something I feel in my spirit.”

Peters has been a coach at Minden for the past five years, the last three as the team’s head coach.

While unprepared for the news, Tucker said she appreciates Peters’ time leading the Crimson Tide. Now, she will lead a search for his replacement.

To follow the proper protocols, Tucker said the Webster Parish School Board will have to start with a vote to open the position during its meeting on Monday.

“We are under a federal court order to follow certain rules, so it’s my understanding that they will have to open the position, then we will have to follow the procedures of the court order,” Tucker said. “That will be to advertise the job, conduct interviews, and the candidate will have to be in the top three.”

While Minden doesn’t have much time to find Peters’ replacement, Tucker is hopeful that the right coach will apply for the position and step in as soon as possible.

“We want someone who is enthusiastic and has knowledge of the game,” she said. “We really want consistency and longevity in the position. That’s the best way to build a program. We want someone who wants to be a part of the Minden community and take us to the next level.”

The assistant coaches will continue to lead the team through its normal summer schedule to prepare for fall practices until the next coach is hired.

Peters, who is a Christian, said he is considering going in to some form of ministry. He could also wind up back on the sidelines eventually.

“I’m considering some things, but right now I’m taking a step back, taking a deep breath, and we’ll see where the Lord will lead,” Peters said. “Maybe it’s time to do something else. I don’t know. I don’t have any job offers, and I haven’t been looking for a job or anything like that.”

Peters said he is thankful for Tucker’s support during his time with the Crimson Tide.

“(Tucker) has been in my corner the whole time, and I’m grateful to her and all of the administration,” Peters said. “They have been behind me and were behind me going into next year. There was no pressure to leave. It’s just me.

“I’ve very thankful to the Minden community and the kids I’ve been able to coach. My assistants here have been my backbone as well, and I enjoyed working with them. I know good things are ahead for the program.”


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