Nekoosa High school female athlete: Brie Meddaugh

Nekoosa High school female athlete: Brie Meddaugh


Nekoosa High school female athlete: Brie Meddaugh


Brie Meddaugh


Ron and Kelly Meddaugh

Athletic achievements:

Freshman letters, honors: Softball.

Sophomore letters, honors: Softball (second-team all-conference catcher).

Junior letters, honors: Softball (honorable mention all-conference catcher, MVP, captain), volleyball.

Senior letters, honors: Softball (captain), volleyball (second-team all-conference setter, captain).

Academic honors:

In my freshman and Junior years, I was on the “A” Team, which meant I recieved A’s in every class. In every year in high school, I have either been on the ‘Higher’ or ‘Highest’ honor role. I am currently ranked 8th out of 103 in my graduating class.

Volunteer work:

I am a part of the National Honor Society through Nekoosa High School and have done many volunteer activites with that group including: serving at the Neighborhood Table, working with elementary students, serving for Chili for Charity, bell ringing for Salvation Army, and Christmas Caroling at the Hospital.

College plans:

Attending Viterbo in La Crosse to major in nursing. I have always loved helping others and I want to continue to do that for the rest of my life. It makes me happiest when others gain something from my giving. I know nursing is the right career choice for me because no other major would give me the satisfaction of taking care of people like nursing does.

Favorite sports memory:

I have so many favorite high school sports memories that it is hard to choose just one. One that will always stay with me happened when I was just a freshman. I was the catcher and there were two outs. Our pitcher pitched the ball and out of the corner of my eye I saw our opponent’s player steal from second base to third base. I quickly stood up and fake pumped to throw down to third. The girl stopped so I started running after her. I couldn’t let her get to third so I was just going to run her back to second. She kept stopping and trying to make me throw the ball away but there was no way I was letting her through. Finally I took one last leap towards her and tagged her out. A catcher tagging a girl out three feet off of second base! It was so incredible and unbelieveable. The crowd didn’t even believe what just happened. That had to be my best moment playing softball in high school.

Advice to an athlete:

When I was younger, I never wanted to go out and practice that extra half hour. I didn’t think I needed it. Once I got to high school, I really pushed myself to be that better athlete because somewhere out in the world there is someone better, and I always wanted to challenge myself. From practicing as much as I did, it made me that great athlete that I am today. I am so thankful that people pushed me to do so. So my advice is that if you really care about a sport and really care to be better, practice. It all pays off in the long run and it literally will make dreams come true. Also, just enjoy playing your sport while you can because it really does go by fast. Trust me, you will miss it once it is gone. There is nothing like being on a team that very soon becomes family. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not good enough to play. Prove them wrong and make yourself that star athlete.

Your inspiration:

My parents. They were the ones who always pushed me to be the best player I could be. They honestly were my biggest fans. They attended every single game to cheer me on. They were always so proud of me and having that feeling of accomplishment made me want to be even better and play even harder. I really wouldn’t be the player I am today if it wasn’t for my supportive parents.


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Nekoosa High school female athlete: Brie Meddaugh
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