Notre Dame basketball commit Taya Reimer talks music

Notre Dame basketball commit Taya Reimer talks music


Notre Dame basketball commit Taya Reimer talks music


One glance at No. 4-ranked Taya Reimer’s basketball resume, and it’s clear the Hamilton-Southeastern (Fishers, Ind.) star forward knows how to handle her business.

Reimer, an All-State first team selection, won gold as a member of the 2012 USA Women’s U17 World Championship Team.

Reimer is the daughter of former NBA player Ben Davis, who was drafted by the New York Knicks and played for the Utah Jazz and Houston Rockets. But don’t fully credit Reimer’s solid basketballs genes for her insane skills.

The Notre Dame commit doesn’t shy away from putting in hard work. And she does so to the beat of fast-paced music — sometimes old-school Michael Jackson songs, too. The self-described music junkie let us in on what else is spinning on her playlist.

First thing’s first — Michael Jackson, really? No judgment, just curious.
He’s one of my favorites. A lot of times, especially now, artists make songs that seem to be about the same thing. Michael Jackson has so many different types of music and styles. I can listen to all of his songs no matter what mood I’m in. I like “P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)”— that’s a classic. I love “Billie Jean”, too, and “Remember the Time”.

All right, surprise us again. What other music are you into?
I like old-school 90s hip-hop. [That genre] is one of my station’s on Pandora.

You were born in ’95. How did you develop an appreciation for early 90s music?
My parents listened to that kind of music, so I’ve always been around it. I like music from back then because it has more of a story and is meaningful. That’s something that some music is lacking nowadays.

What other artists are on your Pandora list?
Aaliyah and Missy Elliott.

You go from MJ to Missy. That’s so opposite. Tell us what you like about Missy.
Missy’s style is so different — it’s weird and funny. I listen to her before games because the beats are fast and heavy. I like ‘Work It”, “Gossip Folks”, “Get Your Freak On”.

Any other ladies make the cut on your playlist?
I love Beyoncé. I really like Alicia Keys, too. I wish I could play the piano like her. I’m a really big fan of Lauren Hill. I like that she can sing and also rap.

Missy Elliott and Lauren Hill are obviously strong women in the hip-hop music industry. Do you identify with being a female in a male-dominated environment?
That’s definitely something I can relate to with basketball. Most sports are male-dominated; rap music is obviously male-dominated. For those two women to come in and have a different style and approach to music and be so success, that’s something that hopefully I will do in my sport.

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