Pennfield sweeps All-City bowling titles again

Pennfield sweeps All-City bowling titles again


Pennfield sweeps All-City bowling titles again


The Pennfield High boys’ and girls’ MHSAA bowling squads recently captured their respective team crowns in the All-City Bowling Championship at M-66 Bowl.

This was the eighth year that the All-City tourney took place, with Pennfield having now earned six titles in both the boys’ and girls’ divisions. Lakeview has the other two titles for both boys and girls.

This was the fourth title in a row for the Pennfield girls, and the second straight for the Panther boys.

Tourney action started with the Pennfield girls defeating the Battle Creek Central girls, 30-0. For Pennfield, Kira Tyler had games of 183-183, Ashlynn Horvath had a 212 and Loretta Hinds a 201. For BCC, Samantha Prescott had a 150 and Kylie Rodriguez a 148. On the boys’ side, Pennfield downed BCC, 21-9. For the Panthers, Tyler Kipp and Austin Miller led with 180s and Blake Perry rolled a 178.

Against Lakeview, for the girls, Pennfield prevailed 30-0 as Taylor England shot a 181 and Kadee Bechman a 180. For the boys, the Panthers downed the Spartans 30-0. For Pennfield, Schuyler Henderson had the high game with a 188, plus Cody Shepard had a 187 and Dalyn Trine a 183. For Lakeview, Shawn Packer notched games of 198-184 and Detrevise Booth had a 177.

More recently, Pennfield, Lakeview and Battle Creek Central — along with Coldwater, Marshall, Sturgis and Jonesville — have been involved in Southwest Eight Conference league action.

In the first state rankings of the season that were released Jan. 11, in Division 2, the Coldwater boys were ranked 10th; in D-3, the Pennfield girls were ranked No. 2 and the Marshall girls No. 9, with the Pennfield boys coming in at No. 9; and in D-4, Jonesville’s girls were ranked No. 7 and the boys No. 8.

The aforementioned information, along with the following league meet information, was provided to the Enquirer by Pennfield program director and Panthers girls’ coach Mike Roach.


* Coldwater beat BCC, 30-0. For Coldwater, Austen Reichhart had 204-192 and Buddy Bailey a 194. For BCC, Brody Hickman had 187-172 and Mitchell Eakins a 175.

* Pennfield defeated Lakeview, 30-0. For Pennfield, Austin Miller had 195-214 and Schuyler Henderson 177. For Lakeview, Shawn Packer had a 151.

* Also, Marshall had a bye; and Sturgis beat Jonesville, 30-0.


* BCC downed Coldwater, 24-6. For BCC, Alaysia Christian had a 142 and Kylie Rodriguez a 129. For the Cardinals, Abbi Newubaum had 175-164.

* Pennfield blanked Lakeview, 30-0. For the Panthers, Loretta Hinds shot 226-182. For the Spartans, Meredith Johnson had a 167.

* Also, Marshall had a bye; and Jonesville beat Sturgis, 27-3.


* Pennfield beat Marshall, 21-9. For Pennfield, Dylin Coplin had a 200, Tyler Kipp a 1192 and Austin Miller a 190. For Marshall, Zak VanArman shot a 194 and Cliff Pattinson a 189.

* Coldwater bettered Sturgis, 21-9. For Coldwater, Austen Reichhart had 257-198, Justin Wells shot a 212 and Collin Filmore a 199.

* Jonesville beat BCC, 30-0. For BCC, Mitchell Eakins shot 213-189, and Brody Hickman had a 187.

* Also, Lakeview had a bye.


* Pennfield edged Marshall in a tie-breaker, 16-15. For the Panthers, Kira Tyler shot 201-184, Loretta Hinds had a 225 and Kadee Bechman a 196. Pennfield also had a Baker game of 222. For the Redhawks, Rachel Poe shot 203-189, and Taylor Shippell had 189-177.

* Sturgis beat Coldwater, 24-6. For the Cardinals, Dana Bailey had 167-159, and Haylee Harmon a 158.

* Jonesville shut out BCC, 30-0. For the Bearcats, Samantha Prescott had a 170 and Shelbie Miller a 152.

* Also, Lakeview had a bye.


* Lakeview topped BCC, 18-12. For the Spartans, Detrevise Booth had a 156 and Shawn Packer a 155. For BCC, Brody Hickman shot a 188 and Mitchell Eakins a 174.

* Sturgis downed Marshall, 24-6. For Marshall, Chris Morgan shot a 196.

* Pennfield nipped Jonesville in a tie-breaker, 16-15. For Pennfield, Tyler Kipp shot 202-209, Austin Miller had a 233 and Dalin Trine a 222.

* Also, Coldwater had a bye.


* Marshall edged Sturgis in a tie-breaker, 16-14. For Marshall, Rachel Poe had a 200, and Ciara Poe and Emily Rupp had 196s.

* Pennfield blanked Jonesville, 30-0 (with the Panthers winning all four Bakers in the 10th frame). For Pennfield, Loretta Hinds had a 217 and Kira Tyler a 188.

* Lakeview overcame BCC, 24-6. For Lakeview, Cheyenne Risner had a 169 and Kassidi Allred a 160. For BCC, Sam Prescott had a 159 and Kylie Rodriguez a 152.

* Also, Coldwater had a bye.


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