Pickerington (Ohio) Central forward Jae’Sean Tate defends basketball

Pickerington (Ohio) Central forward Jae’Sean Tate defends basketball

Ultimate Athlete

Pickerington (Ohio) Central forward Jae’Sean Tate defends basketball


Pickerington Central (Pickerington, Ohio) forward Jae’Sean Tate doesn’t completely shoot down the notion.

He takes a few minutes to mull over the possibility that another sport could produce better athletes than his beloved basketball.

“Ya know,” said Tate, an Ohio State commit. “I know for sure now; basketball definitely has the best athletes. Think about all the things that we have to do over the course of a game. You can’t just be a good athlete you’ve got to be great to excel in this sport.”

Tate makes a rather convincing argument.

Check it out.

Why is the ultimate athlete in your sport?

“It’s definitely basketball. You’re always running and changing positions and you need a lot of coordination. It’s not a sport that you can just pick it up and be good at it. Your athleticism has to be superior in basketball. Best athletes are in hoops. No doubt!”

For anyone who disagrees, what drill specific to your sport would you like to see them try?

“Dribbling with two balls at the same time. That’s a measure of a great athlete and a really coordinated person. It is extremely hard because you have to be able to shift your body different ways and things like that. It’s really hard.”

What is the second-toughest sport behind yours?

“Baseball. You’ve got to be so skilled to play baseball. Most people don’t understand that.”

What's the best measure of a true athlete (strength, speed, quickness, agility, etc.)?

“I would say IQ. There are a lot of big and strong athletes, but if they aren’t really smart it won’t make as much of an impact. Your IQ is what separates you.”

Who is the best athlete in your sport, past or present?

“Right now it’s LeBron James so I’ll go with him.”

What is the best example of something you did personally that shows why your sport has the ultimate athlete?

“I think just the way I switch speeds and I my jumping ability. I can take contact and still finish the play. That’s hard for some people, but I do it pretty well.”

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