Prep Basketball Schedule

Prep Basketball Schedule


Prep Basketball Schedule


Prep Basketball Schedule

Boys Basketball

Friday, November 29

Loudonville at Ashland

Crestview at Clear Fork

Brunswick at Lexington

Madison at Shelby

Bucyrus at Ontario

Mansfield Christian at Monroeville

St. Peter’s at South Central

Willard at Upper Sandusky

Plymouth at Buckeye Central

Seneca East at Colonel Crawford

Wynford at Mount Gilead

Fredericktown at Lucas

Cardington vs. TBD at Marion Harding Kory Kirkpatrick Tip Off Classic

River Valley at Highland

Saturday, November 30

Ashland at West Holmes

Lexington at Willard

Ontario at Upper Sandusky

New Riegel at Buckeye Central

Northmor at Bucyrus

Colonel Crawford at Mansfield Christian

Temple Christian at South Central

Crestline at Gilead Christian

Wynford at Mohawk

Plymouth at Lucas

Mapleton at Waynedale

Cardington vs. TBD at Marion Harding Kory Kirkpatrick Tip Off Classic

Tuesday, December 3

Mansfield Christian at Highland

Bucyrus at Mount Gilead

Galion at North Union

Northwestern at Mapleton

Elgin at Fredericktown

Harvest Preparatory at Gilead Christian

Thursday, December 5

Colonel Crawford at Northmor

Wynford at Ridgedale

Cardington at River Valley

Ohio School for the Deaf at Gilead Christian

Friday, December 6

Clear Fork at Ashland

Lexington at Wooster

Madison at Mansfield Senior

Willard at Ontario

Shelby at Sandusky

Lucas at St. Peter’s

Danville at Mansfield Christian

Temple Christian at Ridgemont

Monroeville at Crestview

New London at Plymouth

Hillsdale at Rittman

Loudonville at East Knox

St. Paul at Mapleton

South Central at Western Reserve

Gilead Christian at Granville Christian

Saturday, December 7

Norwalk at Ashland

Mount Vernon at Lexington

Madison at Galion

Toledo Scott at Mansfield Senior

Ontario at Crestview

Shelby at Wynford

Edison at Willard

Buckeye Central at St. Peter’s

Delaware Christian at Temple Christian

Carey at Colonel Crawford

Lucas at Crestline

Norwayne at Loudonville

Cardington at Fredericktown

Highland at Buckeye Valley

Ridgedale at Mount Gilead

Northmor at Centerburg

Girls Basketball

Friday, November 22

Mansfield Senior vs. Norwalk at Bucyrus 6th Annual Tip-Off Classic

Marion Harding vs. Bucyrus at Bucyrus 6th Annual Tip-Off Classic

Plymouth at Shelby

Buckeye Central at Seneca East

Colonel Crawford at Pleasant

Crestline at Northmor

Mapleton at Lucas

Hillsdale at Crestview

St. Joseph Central Catholic at St. Peter’s

Northside Christian at Temple Christian

Saturday, November 23

Ashland at Shelby

Lexington at Ontario

Madison at Willard

Mansfield Senior vs. Bucyrus or Marion Harding at Bucyrus 6th Annual Tip-Off Classic

Mansfield Senior or Norwalk vs. Bucyrus at Bucyrus 6th Annual Tip-Off Classic

Buckeye Central at Plymouth

Wynford at River Valley

Cardington at Tree of Live Christian

Fredericktown at Ridgedale

Loudonville at Smithville

Highland at Delaware Christian

Lucas at Black River

Northwestern at South Central

Monday, November 25

Ashland Christian at Temple Christian

Tuesday, November 26

Norwalk at Ashland

Lexington at Willard

St. Peter’s at Clear Fork

Crestview at Madison

Mansfield Senior at Shelby

Fredericktown at Ontario

Bucyrus at Mohawk

River Valley at Colonel Crawford

Lucas at Crestline

Wynford at Carey

Elgin at Highland

Mount Gilead at Tree of Life Christian

Mansfield Christian at Central Christian

Hillsdale at Norwayne

Mapleton at Northwestern

St. Mary Central Catholic at South Central

Friday, November 29

Marion Harding at Galion

Cardington at Northmor

Centerburg at Highland

Saturday, November 30

Ashland at Cloverleaf

Shelby at Bellevue

Crestline at Plymouth

North Union at Galion

Wynford at New Riegel

Mount Gilead at Ridgemont

Danville at Loudonville

East Knox at Lucas

St. Peter’s at Mansfield Christian

Monday, December 2

Findlay at Mansfield Senior

Mount Gilead at Northridge

Lucas at Hillsdale

Mansfield Christian at Delaware Christian

Temple Christian at Wayside Christian

Tuesday, December 3

Mount Vernon at Clear Fork

Ashland at Sandusky

Columbian at Lexington

Madison at Loudonville

Willard at Upper Sandusky

St. Peter’s at Buckeye Central

Colonel Crawford at Seneca East

Cardington at Crestline

Galion at Northmor

Wynford at Mohawk

Wednesday, December 4

Ontario at Bucyrus

Thursday, December 5

Ashland at Clear Fork

Wooster at Lexington

Mansfield Senior at Madison

Danville at Fredericktown

Hillsdale at Waynedale

Crestview at Monroeville

Mapleton at St. Paul

Plymouth at New London

South Central at Western Reserve

Friday, December 6

Buckeye Central at Wynford

Bucyrus at Riverdale

Colonel Crawford at Galion

Upper Sandusky at Crestline

Cardington at Highland

Fredericktown at Mount Gilead

Northmor at Ridgedale

Col. Horizon Science at Temple Christian

Saturday, December 7

Northmor at Ontario

Willard at Shelby

East Knox at Loudonville

St. Peter’s at Lucas

Mansfield Christian at Danville

Temple Christian at Ridgemont

Kidron Central Christian at Hillsdale

Mapleton at Plymouth

New London at Crestview

St. Paul at South Central


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Prep Basketball Schedule

Loudonville at Ashland

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