Prep Q&A: North's Radtke having big season on hardwood

Prep Q&A: North's Radtke having big season on hardwood


Prep Q&A: North's Radtke having big season on hardwood


It’s hard enough to average 20 points per game as a basketball player. It’s harder yet to do it in a conference as tough as the Fox Valley Association is. But Oshkosh North junior boys basketball player Cooper Radtke is doing just that. He has been a big part of the Spartans starting out conference 7-2 and had 18 points in their latest victory over Kaukauna last Friday. Now the Spartans gear up for their second showdown with intracity rival Oshkosh West this Friday.

Oshkosh Northwestern Media caught up with Radtke before a North practice to talk about the season this far and the game against Oshkosh West.

Oshkosh Northwestern: How big was your win against Kaukauna on Friday?:

Cooper Radtke: It was a big deal because first of all, we didn’t play that well and we had a lot of stuff to work on after that game. But to still put out the win, especially against a team like Kaukauna, it’s a big deal. At the end of the game, just to pull it out and get the win. That’s always a good thing.

ON: You have had a huge season to this point of the season. What has been key for you to having such a great year?:

CR: The key to my success, I can’t do it without my guards getting me the ball. A lot of props to them because without them I couldn’t do anything. Then, just all the work we do at practice.

ON: Your team has also started out really well, going 7-2 in the first part of the FVA season. How nice has that been especially with a team as young as yours is?:

CR: I think a lot of the kids are buying into the philosophy of always getting better for March and working for bigger things like that. I think people are starting to buy in and work for that and that reflects in our record right now.

ON: Obviously a huge game coming up this week against Oshkosh West. What is that game like for you guys and the anticipation for it?:

CR: You treat it like any other game in preparation. You just work for the end of the week. But, always for the players, individually, you get a hyped up for the rivalry. It’s more of a thing personally, you get the adrenline from it. I’m looking forward to it.

ON: What is the key for you guys against the Wildcats?:

CR: It’s always just an effort thing. We just have to keep playing hard.

ON: You guys are always looking to get better for March. But do you think that you can get a few more milestones along the way, like a conference championship?:

CR: We’ve always said as well as coach that we aren’t looking for anything conference-wise, it’s always just to get better for March. That’ll just be like icing on the cake if we can get a conference title or something like that. That’s just bonus. We are always just looking towards March.


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