Prep roundup: BCC edges Harper Creek, 1-0

Prep roundup: BCC edges Harper Creek, 1-0


Prep roundup: BCC edges Harper Creek, 1-0


Eden Maaitea scored the only goal of a 1-0 game as Battle Creek Central shut out Harper Creek on Tuesday night in boys’ Southwestern Michigan Athletic Conference East Division soccer.

“We moved the ball very well…and I was happy with that, but we had some trouble transitioning after we made a couple nice passes,” Bearcat coach Brad Yoder said. “I was hoping we’d put a few more in the back of the net, but we played our game and I’m happy with that.”

The Bearcats started fast as Maaitea scored an unassisted goal just over a minute into the match.

Maaitea’s goal turned out to be the game winner as neither team managed to score for the remainder of the evening.

Harper Creek had just six shot attempts the entire game. The Beavers’ best chance at a goal came at the end of the first half, when a shot attempt was mishandled by the Bearcats’ goalie, but the rebound shot attempt missed just wide of the net as the half came to an end.

Jeff Mann finished the game with 11 saves for Harper Creek on 20 shot attempts from the Bearcats.

“It was a pretty hard-fought contest tonight, but we just need to stop giving up an early goal,” said Harper Creek coach Shel Kunji. “This is the two games in a row for us in the SMAC that we got scored on in the first five minutes and then had the game end 1-0. If we can fix that and find a way to put one in the back of the net we’ll be in good shape moving forward.”


Sturgis 2, (at) Coldwater 1: Mohammed Aljabaly scored Coldwater’s lone goal on a penalty kick. Ian Wright made six saves in goal as the Cardinals dropped their first game of the year to fall to 6-1 on the season (5-1 SMAC East).

Gull Lake 2, (at) Lakeview 0: Lakeview gave up one goal in the first half and one in the second as the Spartans fall to 12-2 (4-2 SMAC East) on the season. Lakeview goalie Jake Herbers had nine saves on the night.


St. Philip 3 (At) North Adams 1: Sierra Hubbard-Neil led the way for St. Philip with 21 kills, 20 digs and seven aces. Stephanie Gusching had nine kills and three digs, Emily Freybler had eight kills and seven digs, Rachel Gallagher added six digs and and Emily Schaub had 45 assists for the Tigers (19-2).

Athens 3, (at) Reading 0: Jenny Smittendorf led Athens with 23 assists. Also for the Indians (10-4-3), Teasha Swank had nine kills, six digs and four blocks; Audrey Oswalt had 10 kills, five digs and two blocks; Ashley Smittendorf had 14 digs and Allison Fuller had 12 digs and eight kills.

(At) Calhoun Christian 2, Pansophia 0: Calhoun Christian was led by Denise Penrod with 11 assists and seven aces in the win. Also for Calhoun Christian (4-2), Hennessy Coons had six digs, Claire Tribbett had nine aces and Mai Moody had six kills.

(At) Hillsdale Academy 3, Colon 0: Coley Clemens had eight assists and four kills for Colon in the loss. Also for the Magi, MaKayla Craun had two kills, two aces and two blocks, ISabel Vigil had five kills and Tally Wilson added three kills.

(At) Lakeview 4, Loy Norrix 4: SINGLES No 1: Davis Crocker (LN) d. Cameron Babas 6-0, 6-2; No. 2: Jake Gumbleton (LN) d. Brij Banerji 6-1, 6-0; No. 3: Tyler Horan (LV) d. Mitchell Blinkiewicz 6-2, 6-2; No. 4: A.J. Moore (LV) d. Andrew Blinkiewicz 6-3, 6-0. DOUBLES No.1 Macneal Lee/Ryan Brozovich (LN) d. Andrew Behrdet/Brandon Corra 6-4, 6-1; No. 2: Owen Brenneman/Lachlan Woods (LN) d. Mayuto Kobayashi/Isayah Miyata 6-1, 7-6; No. 3: John Munoz/Jacob Lamb (LV) d. Peter Winnard/Jimmy Andrie 6-1, 6-2; No. 4: Reese VanVranken/Zane Huckaba (LV) d. Peter Kettner/Brady James 6-3, 7-5


SMAC East Jamboree at Marshall

Team scores: 1-Gull Lake 45; 2-Lakeview 54; 3-Sturgis 78; 4-Marshall 90; 5-Coldwater 116; 6-Loy Norrix 150 7-Harper Creek-152

Gull Lake’s top 5: 1-Sam Butler 16:22; 6-J. Coleman Gibson 17:04; 8-Joey Dawson 17:20; 14-Nathan Gibes 17:40;16-Corey Mader 17:43; Lakeview’s top 5: 2-Forrest Cope 16:38; 7-Colin Read 17:07; 12-Brandon Van Oosten 17:35; 13-Nate Jones 17:40; 20-Jon Haadsma 17:56; Marshall’s top 5: 3-Parker Cruz 16:45; 4-Kurt Swaton 16:46; 25-Weston Herman 18:03; 28-Chris Bell 18:21; 30-August Tierney 18:26; Coldwater’s top 5: 18-Spencer Leist 17:49; 21-Adam Clemens 17:57; 24-Zack Murphy 18:02; 26-Josh Evers 18:07; 27-Ethan Aerts 18:15; Harper Creek’s top 5: 9-Chris Newburn 17:29; 11-Logan Mays 17:35; 42-Brad Thomas 19:04; 43-Benji Isaacson 19:14; 47-David Hicks 20:03.

KVA Jamboree at Galesburg-Augusta

Team scores: 1-Schoolcraft 48; 2-Maple Valley-48; 3-Kalamazoo Christian 80; 4-Constantine 97; 5-Hackett Catholic Central 140; 6-Olivet 158; 7-Parchment 183; 8-Delton-Kellogg 191; 9-Pennfield 218

Maple Valley’s top 6: 6-Andrew Brighton 19:30; 7-Kyle Brumm 19:31; 9-Austin Rood 19:47; 11-Micah Bromley 20:08; 15-Sam Benedict 20:42; 52-Troy Allen 23:34; Olivet’s top 5: 13-Jonah Smith 20:27; 31-Collin Hannahs 21:49; 32-Andrew Wietzke 21:51; 45-Nick Johnson 22:39; 57-Joe MacInnes 23:16; 73-Ian Hines 24:40; Delton-Kellogg’s top 5: 34-Andrew Jackson 21:55; 41: Joey Zito 22:17; 44-Jacob Morgan 22:37; 46-Lane Homister 22:41; 51-Eric Hoeberling 22:48; 54-Brock Mueller 23:06; Pennfield’s top runners: 8-Adam Rifenburgh 19:45; 52- Jean-Luc Lachance 22:49; 58-Benjamin Campbell 23:17; 100-Quinten Bortz 32:06; Galesburg-Augusta’s top runners: 22-Robert Repke 21:18; 56-Noah Camp 23:11; 69-Nathan Chatman 24:14


SMAC East Jamboree at Marshall

Team Scores: 1-Gull Lake 36; 2-Marshall 60; 3-Lakeview 85 4-Harper Creek 89; 5-Loy Norrix 137; 6-Sturgis 155; 7-Coldwater 176

Gull Lake’s top 5: 2-Mikayla Hostetler 20:02; 4-Paige O’Connor 20:11; 9-Lily Fell 20:45; 10-Kylee Chaffin 20:49; 11-Sarah Sikkema 21:05; Marshall’s top 5: 5-Lauren Feasel 20:24; 6-Abbey Ufkes 20:28; 15-Rachel Scheopke 21:19; 16-Maya Williams 21:32; 18-Anyah Preston 21:39; Lakeview’s top 5: 7-Stephanie Niemann 20:33; 13-Maggie Ferrell 21:08; 20-Taylor Coyer 21:51 21-Marie Bridges 22:12; 24-Megan Riegle 22:39; Harper Creek’s top 5: 3-Reagan Dishaw 20:10; 8-Allegra Baird 20:44; 22-Jessica Carlsen 22:17; 26-Megan Schulz 22:56; 30-Hannah Berning 23:20; Coldwater’s top 5: 23-Natalee Dally 22:23; 31-Josilyn Quimby 23:24; 38-Andrea Sowles 24:18; 41-Maggie Morrison 25:03; 43-Madison Marsh 25:11

KVA Jamboree at Galesburg Augusta

Team scores: 1-Hackett Catholic Central 39; 2-Schoolcraft 82; 3-Olivet 107; 4-Delton-Kellogg 110; 5-Maple Valley 163; 6-Kalamazoo Christian 179; 7-Pennfield 180; 8-Parchment 184; 9-Galesburg-Augusta 192; 10-Constantine 233

Olivet’s top 5: 8-Caitlyn Hines 23:40; 18-Kaite Francisco 24:53; 27-Teona Feldpausch 25:30; 36-Emily McAdam 26:22; 38-Maygon Elmer 26:34; Delton-Kellog’s top 5: 13-Sammi Cleary 24:17; 16-Marcie Stevens 24:32; 17-Sarah Rendon 24:52; 29-Megan Grimes 25:42; 42-Nicole Thompson 26:52; Maple Valley’s top 5: 21-Emily Mattocks 25:02; 22-Breanna Heinze 25:05; 34-Hanna Kyle 26:09; 49-McKayla Lamance 27:12; 55 Emma Mcglocklin 28:08; Pennfield’s top 5: 1-Audrianna Bornamann 20:35; 47-Naomi Joseph 27:03; 50-Hailey Johnson 27:15; 52-Ainsley Haaksma 27:41; 56-Kylee Mead 28:18; 71-Taylor Swartz 30:21; Galesburg-Augusta’s top 5: 11-Phoebe Ostlund 23:59; 23-Whitney French 25:06; 60-Sydney Hoyt 28:29; 61-Sierra Nantz 28:32; 72-Bethy Washburn 30:25

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Prep roundup: BCC edges Harper Creek, 1-0
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