Preparation with Jamauri Bogan

Preparation with Jamauri Bogan

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Preparation with Jamauri Bogan


This is the second blog entry from Jamauri Amir Bogan, who plays football for Union (N.J.).

The greatest feeling ever is arriving on the field Friday nights. I haven’t suited up for a football game in my life that I was not excited to be a part of. This game gets my blood boiling. I freaking love it! But, the average person fails to see the work that we put into the game. From film study to practices that go longer then they are supposed to, the grind does not end. I’m going to give you an insight on what a week is like for me leading up to a game, and what I do the day after.

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Monday of game week I listen to the coaches’ game plan. As a team we have a walk through, during which we run plays for the week on air. After, we usually get in the gymand workout. I’ll go home and think about my role for the week.

Tuesday we put the pads on and get after it. We like for this day to have a ton of tempo, which means the energy and spirit amongst the team are high. After practice we watch film. In film study, our coach will show us our opponent’s dominate players, and we see how we will slow them down.

Wednesday is usually a tough day. It’s in the middle of the week and is usually a longer practice. In this practice we try to polish up flaws in our game. This is the day when the coach changes things to simplify the game plan, because some players may be lost. After practice we watch film as a team to get familiar with our opponents. After practice I will watch film on the opposition’s linebackers so I have their steps and movements down to a science. Knowing what a line backer does is critical for a running back, because I’m the person he’s trying to stop.

Thursday is our team walk-through. We come out in just helmets – no shoulder pads or any other pads. This is a day we are focused. We go over kick and punt returns, punt block and special teams. We also go over the first few plays of our game to get everyone familiar and ask anyone if they need any further explanation on something they do not understand. After leaving this practice I know we are TRULY prepared and ready for our game. After practice we have a team dinner. Members of our Fifth Quarter Club Parents team bring in food, drinks and desserts. The food is GOOD! My mom delivers her motivational speech to get us pumped for tomorrow.

Friday is a day I have a lot of tests to take in school so I have to stay focused. During the day I’m thinking about what I’m going to do and what I’m going to see during the game. Once that final school bell rings I hang with my girlfriend until 3 p.m. I must do this or I don’t feel right. Then I go to our cafeteria for a pre-game meal provided by our Fifth Quarter Club parents. Then I go up to the field house to get ready. I first get my jersey and hang it in my locker and then I put my pads in my pants. After this, I’ll get some Jay-Z going in my ears. My favorite song is “What More Can I Say”. I go get my ankles and wrist taped before I go for a walk by the trees. This is where I mediate. I talk to God and get focused. After my gear is on, I go to a meeting with the three other captains to talk about how we will motivate the team. Next, I go out with the first group to catch punts and kick offs, catch passes and do drills. Lastly, we all come back in. The next time we step out its GAME TIME and, God willing, we WIN.

Saturday is the day after we fulfill God’s will with a win, and we all come to the field house for treatment. A lot of us are banged up, especially after tough games. Our athletic Trainer, Meg Berry, helps by preparing a cold ice bath and gives us stem treatment so we can recover fast for the next week.

So, yes, there is a lot of work that goes into a game week.

Quote until my next blog:

“A failure to prepare is preparing to fail” – John Wooden


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Preparation with Jamauri Bogan
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