Price cashes in

Price cashes in


Price cashes in



The question, “Can he possibly have anything left?” should never again be asked of City High senior Brook Price. Just two hours after finishing third in the 3,200 meters, Price anchored City’s winning 4×800 relay.

“I was a little bit worried, but I knew he would get it done,” senior Ryan Dorman said. “We can count on him.”

To put it in context, Price edged West’s Isaac Jensen with a final burst down the stretch in the 3,200 in 70-plus degree temperatures.

“I’m not feeling too good there; I was pretty tired, but when it comes to the last 100 meters of a race and there’s someone right next to me, it’s my competitiveness that takes over,” Price said. “I didn’t necessarily have any energy left, I’ll tell you that. It’s just natural.”

“He had that little bit extra; I’m a little bit disappointed, but he’s a great runner,” Jensen said.

Fast forward 2 hours and almost 10 degrees to the 4×800. His relay mates (Dorman, Mohamed Traore and Rasheem Shivers) gave the gutsy Price a lead and not just a little lead over Drake Relays champion West High. Price ran strong the whole way and held off oncoming West anchor Kaleb Greiner. City posted a school-record time of 7 minutes, 48.06 seconds, the eighth-fastest time in Iowa history.

“We knew (the record) was 10, 12 years ago,” Price said. “We have a really good team, and we just got a school record. I can’t describe how that feels. It’s awesome. It’s the last time I’m going to run with those three guys.”

“That’s awesome; I’m really happy with that,” Dorman said of the time.

Shivers said he’s not that keyed into times. “All I know is that we have to run, run faster and keep getting faster,” he said.

The Trojans (Bailey Wetherell, Cole Hatzky, Nobuki Harata and Greiner) finished in 7:49.64. Three of the four ran at Drake. Harata substituted for Daniel Gardarsson Thursday.

It didn’t hurt the Little Hawks’ motivation that they were third at Drake by two seconds behind West and Monticello.

“I know we didn’t win that race, but we felt like we should have won that race,” Traore said. “We went home really mad about it and just kept working hard week after week, day after day, looking for today, looking for redemption.”

The first three runners knew that Price had given his all in the 3,200, and they were intent on providing him some margin of comfort.

“I just needed to get it out and get in good position, get out in front of the guys,” Dorman said, “I did that and ran well.

Dorman gave City the lead at the first handoff. Traore kept the lead in passing to Shivers.

“I wish I would have run a lot faster,” Traore said. “I’ve run much faster than that but just didn’t have it today. My teammates really picked it up. They ran some amazing races and finished out on top. I’m really proud of their efforts.”

The lead gave Price space but also gave him the confidence to finish.

“That was huge,” Price said of the lead. “I needed it, every inch of it.”

Price said he spent his time between races stretching and rolling his hamstrings. He tried to rehydrate. The 3,200 wasn’t a walk in the park either. He had to bust it down the final 100 to nip West’s Jensen at the wire, so he was coming back after that kind of all-out effort.

“It’s just guts,” Price said. “I was pretty tired and it’s a hot day, but you know, again, there’s no way I was going to run slow. I did it for them.”


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Price cashes in
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