Price outduels D'Ambrosio in sophomore race at annual Class Meet

Price outduels D'Ambrosio in sophomore race at annual Class Meet


Price outduels D'Ambrosio in sophomore race at annual Class Meet



The sophomore race in this year’s cross country Class Meet at Thompson Park lived up to the hype on Saturday.

Jordan Price of New Providence High School took first place in the race with a time of 16:52, 9 seconds faster than Old Bridge’s Gerard D’Ambrosio.

While the 3.1-mile course was tough, Price was confident in himself.

“The first two miles were easy,” Price said, “but once you get to that hill, you’re so tired that you need to power through and I was able to power through and get the win.”

D’Ambrosio finished the race in 17:01, a peformance which pleaased the Knights’ runner.

“It was a good race,” D’Ambrosio said, “I tried to catch him (Price) but he was really good today and I give him my utmost respect.”

Four Old Bridge runners came in places 12 through 15 as Old Bridge won the team title for that race.

“It was a good race for me personally,” said D’Ambrosio, “but I prefer talking about the team and how good they ran.”

Earlier in the day, Old Bridge kept up with its successful ways. In the Junior Boys race, Mike Milazzo finished second with a time of 17:30.

Michael Marano of Middletown North won the race in 17:10.

“I got to the hill and it kind of beat me, but what can you do,” said Milazzo. “I’m not mad about losing because he’s a good competitor and a good sport.”

In the first race of the day, Metuchen’s James Hampsey took third place in the senior race, finishing with a time of 16:51, an average mile time of 5:26.

In the girls competition, North Brunswick’s Jennifer Salvatore placed third in the senior race in 20:51, and Metuchen’s Rianna Davis took third in the junior race in 20:50.

Thompson Park will host more runners this Satturday as the Central Jersey Shootout takes place.


SENIORS: 1. Tommy Teachen (Hopewell Valley) 16:32; 2. Colin Chehanske (Colts Neck) 16:46; 3. James Hampsey (Metuchen) 16:51; 4. Erik Helstrom (Paramus) 16:51; 5. Justin Lippert (Middletown North) 16:54; 6. Patrick Watters (Ramsey) 16:56; 7. Michael Pinnola (Colts Neck) 16:58; 8. Shaun VanBuskirk (Old Bridge) 17:04; 9. Harlan Clark (Rahway) 17:13; 10. Michael Sudyka (Middletown North) 17:15

JUNIORS: 1. Michael Marano (Middletown North) 17:10; 2. Mike Milazzo (Old Bridge) 17:30; 3. Rory Greenshields (Ramsey) 17:38; 4. Rahul Ramesh (Montgomery) 17:40; 5. Joe Bitto (Raritan) 17:45; 6. Michael Liu (East Brunswick) 18:01; 7. Carmin Boccellari (New Providence) 18:07; 8. Joseph Cawley (Raritan) 18:08; 9. Justin Vicente (Ramsey) 18:11; 10. Ashray Mohan (Old Bridge) 18:13

SOPHOMORES: 1. Jordan Price (New Providence) 16:52; 2. Gerard D’Ambrosio (Old Bridge) 17:01, 3. Evan Pron (Monroe) 17:22; 4. Alex Gee (Paramus) 17:25; 5. Matthew Todaro (Middletown North) 17:28; 6. Zach Csipkay (Colts Neck) 17:35; 7. Joseph Cioffi (Middletown North) 17:40; 8. David Adams (New Providence) 18:02; 9. Jared Huang (East Brunswick) 18:07; 10. Kyle Bobash (East Brunswick) 18:09


SENIORS: 1. Alexandra Juzwiak (Middletown North) 20:10; 2. Alivia Carlton (Jackson Memorial) 20:17; 3. Jennifer Salvatore (North Brunswick) 20:51; 4. Haley Mahn (Hopewell Valley) 20:53; 5. Megan O’Dowd (Colts Neck) 21:19; 6. Alexandra Tendler (Allentown) 21:21; 7. Sarah Frost (East Brunswick) 21:34; 8. Kelly Gorman (Cardinal McCarrick) 21:43; 9. Gina Marino (Jackson Memorial) 21:47; 10. Christine Belbey (John F. Kennedy) 21:52

JUNIORS: 1.Madelyn Marrone (Middletown North) 20:12; 2. Samantha Hoagland (Colts Neck) 20:17; 3. Brianna Davis (Metuchen) 20:50; 4. Arianna Luna (Middletown North) 21:14; 5. Marissa Albano (Red Bank Regional) 21:15; 6. Amelia Crawford (Allentown) 21:33; 7. Lyla Kaul (Metuchen) 21:43; 8. Damonique Harris (Rahway) 21:47; 9. Emily McPeak (Red Bank Regional) 21:59; 10. Isabelle Anderson (Lakeland) 22:02

SOPHOMORES: 1.Lauren Sapone (Red Bank Regional) 19:40; 2. Caitlin O’Brien (Jackson Memorial) 20:26; 3. Bridget Kelly (Red Bank Regional) 20:54; 4. Kristina Lignell (Metuchen) 20:55; 5. Linnea Compton (Hopewell Valley) 21:08; 6. Kayleigh Hoagland (Colts Neck) 21:14; 7. Caitlin Murray (Hopewell Valley) 21:17; 8. Megan Friscia (New Providence) 21:21; 9. Haile Calhoune (Middletown North) 22:00; Emily Montgomery (Colts Neck) 22:20


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