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Professor's Summer School


School may be out for the summer, but the work is just getting started for the country’s most elite high school basketball players who compete at different AAU tournaments, showcase and skills camps every weekend through early August. Traditionally, summer ball is more open and loose; the perfect time to display an ankle-breaking crossover or a mind-boggling in-and-out dribble to leave a lasting impression on the college coaches and other elite players in attendance. Who better to teach the hardwood handles and juke-moves than a professor?

We did you one better; we got The Professor.

Grayson “The Professor” Boucher says class is officially in session!

What’s up class!

Well, that time has come; it’s our last class of the summer. I hope you guys have learned a lot and you’re breaking ankles with these moves.

Last week we learned how to do “The Whirlwind” and this week we’re gonna end things with one of my favorite moves, “The Behind-the-back, Between-the-legs.”

I did this my first year on tour and it’s always worked out really well.

First, what you want to do is a series of moves to bait the defender. I like to do showboating types of moves to get the crowd into it because that will help the defender want to D up even more.

I like to do this move on big guys because when they get really low their legs are more spread apart which makes this move a lot easier.

OK, so by baiting them you’re wanting them to rush you or try and push up on you closer trying to lock you up.

As soon as they approach you go behind your back and then you take the ball between their legs. I know that sounds really hard, but the key is not to telegraph it. That’s where most people go wrong with a move like this. Can’t make it too obvious that you’re gonna do it.

You have to make it look like you’re gonna do something totally different.

Here’s a tip: The eyes tell all. So keep your eyes up or focused on the lane or something like that. It’ll help throw them off. You just never wanna look down. That’s the key.

OK guys I’ve really enjoyed you checking in with our summer school lessons every week. I know you guys are out there showing off on the blacktops and hardwoods!

Practice hard and, trust me, you’ll have these moves down in no time.

Send Vines or other vids to @USATodayHSS so we can chart your progress.

Class dismissed.

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Professor's Summer School
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