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Professor's Summer School


School may be out for the summer, but the work is just getting started for the country’s most elite high school basketball players who compete at different AAU tournaments, showcase and skills camps every weekend through early August. Traditionally, summer ball is more open and loose; the perfect time to display an ankle-breaking crossover or a mind-boggling in-and-out dribble to leave a lasting impression on the college coaches and other elite players in attendance. Who better to teach the hardwood handles and juke-moves than a professor?

We did you one better; we got The Professor.

The Professor says class is officially in session!

What’s up class!

By now I’m confident that you’ve perfected the last three lessons on my moves: the “2+2+2,” the “Insane Spin Move” and the “Baseline Behind-the-Back.”

Today we’re gonna learn something new; it’s called the “Time-Lapse.”

This is kind of a counter for my stiff-leg crossover, and that’s when you act like you’re running toward the rack by your man and pull the ball back in front of your lead foot then cross it over in front of the opposite foot.

I took that move and kinda remixed it.

Well, with the “Time-Lapse” you pull it back and you take it from your left hand to your right hand through your legs. Then you take it through your legs again.

And again.

You’ve got to do it really fast so it almost looks like a dance step. I’ve been told that I look like I’m pushing fast forward when I do this one. Most people’s reaction is: “Wait; what’d he just do?”

That’s exactly the reaction that you want your defender to get into his head. The beauty of this move is that no one’s ever seen it. When you do a move like that the defender can’t help but to lose focus for a split-second because his mind has to process what he’s seeing.

That’s all the time you need to get by him.

This move is designed to free you up to get your shot off, go to the rack or do another combo move.

It’s called the “Time-Lapse” because it basically freezes time for you to do your thing.

As always, you’ll want to look at the video to get that visual demonstration. That helps a lot.

That’s our class for today.

As you know, practice makes perfect so send Vine vids to @USATodayHSS so we can chart your progress.

Study hard.

Class dismissed.

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Professor's Summer School
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