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Professor's Summer School


School may be out for the summer, but the work is just getting started for the country’s most elite high school basketball players who compete at different AAU tournaments, showcase and skills camps every weekend through early August. Traditionally, summer ball is more open and loose; the perfect time to display an ankle-breaking crossover or a mind-boggling in-and-out dribble to leave a lasting impression on the college coaches and other elite players in attendance. Who better to teach the hardwood handles and juke-moves than a professor?

We did you one better; we got The Professor.

Streetball legend, Grayson Boucher, teaches the ‘Baseline Behind-the-Back’ move.

The Professor says class is officially in session!

What’s up class!

I know last week’s lesson on the “2+2+2” juke-move was difficult, but in this class you’ve gotta be able to pick things up pretty quick.

This week we’ll be learning how to do the “Baseline Behind-the-Back” move.

This is honestly one of my favorite one-on-one moves and it can be done anywhere on the court. I like to use the baseline because it can serve as, basically, another defender and a decoy.

You approach the defender and do a simple move or two and then just go straight to the rack with your left hand. The basic premise is to sell him on the fact that you’ve already done the move you set out to do and all you’re trying to do is score.

When you get to the baseline, anywhere from five or 10 feet away from the low lock, you stop on a dime. The ball should be in your left hand and you turn your whole body outward toward the three-point line. You wanna make it look like he cut you off. In order to do that you need to go to the rack at about 80 percent so that he’ll actually cut you off and think that he’s done his job defensively.

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When that happens you turn your body like you’re gonna reset; like it was a failed attempt at going to the rack. At that moment you switch the ball from your left hand to your right hand, dribble the ball behind your back, as fast as possible, in front of the defender then you wrap the ball back with your left hand going back to the hoop.

This works because usually when the ball is right in front of a defender he can’t help himself; he’s gotta reach. But if they reach they’re done.

I’m at least two steps in front of my defender.

This is a really effective, legal move that is sure to get you a bucket and win style points in the process.

It’s kind of a play-off from the movie “Above the Rim,” except with my move you’re using the baseline.


You should be. This stuff won’t be easy, but with practice you’ll get it.

Definitely check the video to get that visual demonstration.

OK class that’s all for today. Go hard with your studying and, as you know, practice makes perfect so send Vine vids to @USATodayHSS so we can chart your progress.

Again, fair warning: This one won’t be easy.

Class dismissed.

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Professor's Summer School
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