Q&A: Southside cross country runner Chancler Tracy

Q&A: Southside cross country runner Chancler Tracy


Q&A: Southside cross country runner Chancler Tracy


Star Press prep sports reporter Sam Wilson had a chance to catch up with Southside cross country runner Chancler Tracy to ask a few questions as he wrapped up a workout on the school’s track late last week.

The Star Press: What are your goals for the rest of your senior year?

Chancler Tracy: By the end of the year, I want to be enrolled in (Indiana University.) I want to go run there for my college seasons. And pretty much just get the best grades I can, run as well as I can to get where I want to be. That’s pretty much IU.

TSP: Do you have a time goal you want to hit this season?

CT: Right now, Lucas Clay from Burris is running like 16:30s. I just want to get as best I can right now. Like 16:40s, around there. But I’m trying to run with all them.

TSP: Do you think you’re setting your goals pretty high, to run at a Big Ten school?

CT: Yes. But I’ve always set high goals for myself. And I’ve done well so far. So I think I can do it.

TSP: You said you want to major in criminal justice. What appeals to you about that? And what career do you envision for yourself?

CT: Criminal justice, I haven’t really looked too deep into it. Really what I want to do, is Secret Service or something like that. But criminal justice is kind of like a start, I guess, from where I’ve been looking. And I’m starting to look more and more into it, to find more specific things to study. I’m in the military also, so I’m going to major in something in college and then through the military, I’m going to have another business trade. So hopefully through those two trades, by the time I’m out of college and done with my military career, I can just come back and have a job and just make my life. I’m pretty much just setting up my life for later on.

TSP: You said you will be going into the Army ROTC. Why are you pursuing the military?

CT: My family has been a military family all my life. So I’ve been around it. And it’s just one of the things I love to do. I like the selflessness of it and all that. So it’s just a family tradition, part of my values. And I’ve just loved it all my life.

TSP: Does cross country give you some of that self-discipline you’d need to do that?

CT: Definitely. Oh yeah. And to be as good as me and Lucas Clay and Drew Barber (Wapahani), it definitely takes a lot of that self-discipline. Running in the offseasons and training. And keeping yourself on track, not drinking pop, stuff like that. It’s just all self-discipline. And learning that through the military, it just made it easier. That’s one thing I caught onto quick.

TSP: What’s your favorite hobby outside of sports?

CT: Probably music. I’ve loved music all my life. My grandma played guitar. She didn’t really go deep into learning everything. But she knew a lot of instruments just basically. So I’ve just grown up around music all my life. You see I run with my iPod. Music is all I do all the time. So whenever I’m not running or playing XBox, I’m listening to music.

TSP: What instruments can you play?

CT: I play the drums for the school. I picked up guitar a little bit. I play piano a little bit. A little bit, quote me on a little bit. And in band or percussion class, we have to learn all the auxiliary stuff. So I know how to play the mallets a little bit. So that helped me out with the piano and keyboard. And all the extra auxiliary stuff, like timpanis, so that helps me with my key signatures and all that. So I can basically play a lot of things. But my special is drums.


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Q&A: Southside cross country runner Chancler Tracy
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