Q&A: Yorktown's Katie Wolfert

Q&A: Yorktown's Katie Wolfert


Q&A: Yorktown's Katie Wolfert


Star Press prep sports reporter Sam Wilson recently caught up with Yorktown soccer player Katie Wolfert to discuss her busy life as an athlete.

The Star Press: How do you balance your three sports (soccer, basketball and tennis,) with your social obligations, your homework, all the other stuff in your life?

Katie Wolfert: Well, it’s pretty easy because it’s not like they’re all at the same time. So I usually just have one sport. But you learn to time-manage and that’s huge. And I’ve been taught well, like ‘OK, You come home, you do your homework.’ You have to get it done. Usually practice is right after school, so you learn how to (plan a day). And usually do stuff on the weekends. You can fit in social life then. But not during the week, it’s just you’ve got to crank it out and be done. You learn a lot of time-management skills.

TSP: Which sport is your favorite?

KW: I’ve been asked that for like 10 years. I don’t know. I’m always like, ‘Oh yeah, it’s the sport I’m playing at that time.’ Like I’d say soccer right now, because I’m in season. But I enjoy playing them all. I think I’m one of those people that I like to do different sports, and don’t like to commit all my time to doing one thing and focusing on that. I like variety.

TSP: What’s your favorite hobby outside of sports?

KW: I like being outside and spending time with my family and friends, and doing social events that I can find time for, and hanging out. We painted for the boys game (last Thursday), so fun things like that. I don’t have a lot of time for other hobbies, I guess.

TSP: When you say you painted for the boys game, what do you mean?

KW: We body painted. You know how they do that for football games and stuff? We did it for the first time last season. And we just come in for a few games throughout the season for the boys to support them. Because our coaches are the same, we feel like we need to support each other. So we all spelled “Y-Town Soccer” and painted our stomachs and cheered them on. And they won, so it was good.

TSP: People know your older sister, Emily, from volleyball and everything she did on the court. Do you feel like you’ve carved your own niche, away from the volleyball court?

KW: Yes. Definitely. People are always like, if we’re talking to my family, and they’re like ‘So are you the volleyball player?’ (She responds) ‘No, that’s my older sister.’ And they’re like, ‘Oh, so you do play volleyball too?’ (She responds) ‘No, I play everything else in Muncie.’ But people have gotten used to, ‘Oh yeah, you’re the more, not well-rounded, but into other sports.’ And there’s definitely a different community around here of people that don’t play volleyball. It’s huge around here, but you just start to get used to being around people that don’t spend 24/7 playing volleyball, because that’s what they do. And so you get used to hanging around other people.

TSP: Did you ever play volleyball?

KW: I did, actually. I played in seventh grade. And it was just one of those, ‘let’s try it, why not?’ Emily was a freshman and was playing volleyball for the school. And I had always done fall and spring offseason soccer during middle school, when they didn’t have a school team. And I was like, ‘Well, I’ll just play it during the fall, why not? Try something new.’ And I was like, ‘OK. Tried it.’ And then I went back to playing soccer.

TSP: What do you envision for yourself after high school, what do you want to do?

KW: I’m thinking about majoring in business. Because my dad (Matt Wolfert,) he works for the NCAA, and has done a lot with sports administration and stuff. And I find that really interesting. So I might go and either work for a university or in the athletic department. Or something along the lines of working at the NCAA or something with sports. Because that’s what I love.


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Q&A: Yorktown's Katie Wolfert
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