Rapids' Dorshorst has good showing

Rapids' Dorshorst has good showing


Rapids' Dorshorst has good showing


For Wisconsin Rapids senior gymnast Tabi Dorshorst, Friday night was about completing unfinished business.

After missing the state meet as a junior because of a knee injury, she wanted to make this meet memorable.

Did she ever.

Dorshorst placed fifth in the uneven bars as well as finishing 10th overall in the all-around to cap her high school career at the WIAA state gymnastics meet at Lincoln High School.

Dorshorst is the first Rapids gymnast to medal in any event since 2003, but for her it is a story of what might not have been.

A year ago she suffered a season-ending knee injury that prevented her from competing in the state meet, and with it not even being a year from her reconstructive surgery, there was much uncertainty of her even going out for the sport this season.

“I wasn’t sure I was even going to go out and just wait for college,” Dorshorst said. “But I knew there was no way I could sit out my senior year.

“I’d do anything I could to get out there, even if I had to water down my routines.”

Dorshorst placed 10th in the uneven bars (9.483) and scored 36.333 points in the all-around.

She also placed 16th on the Beam and 19th on the vault.

To Dorshorst, the meet served as the delightful ending to a sometimes trying high school career.

“As much as I have learned about the sport, I have learned more about being a person,” Dorshorst said. “It would have been nice to have made state, but making it this year means just so much more.”

Rapids junior Loren Abbrederis also had a strong showing in the meet and finished in 24th in the all-around (33.817).

She also placed 16th on the floor (8.933).

Marshfield sophomore Olivia Tierney made her second appearance at state and finished 14th on the floor (9.017).

“It was a lot easier this year,” Tierney said. “I knew what it was like and I could focus more on gymnastics rather than everything else about the meet.”

Stevens Point had a trio of gymnasts qualify for the meet, and were led by junior Amanda Byrum with a 13th place finish on the uneven bars. Senior Paige Kurszewski took 16th on the balance beam, while freshman Michaella Olszewski was 25th on the vault.

“I am super proud of how all the girls did,” Point coach Jennifer Bellmer-Callope said. “The girls and team exceeded my expectations all year.”


All-Around: 1. Bailey Fitzpatrick (Burlington co-op) 38.216, 2. Sammie Olson (Franklin combined) 37.817, 3. Jenna Fitzpatrick (Burlington co-op), 4. Caroline Smith (Madison Memorial) 37.616, 5. Lexi Alt (Verona co-op), 6. Aryn Skibba (Middleton) 37.317. Vault: 1. Molly Benavides (Burlington co-op) 9.667, 2. Alt 9.65, 3. B. Fitzpatrick 9.633, 4. Skibba, J. Fitzpatrick 9.55, 6. Megan Kowalczyk (Mukwonago co-op). Uneven Bars: 1. B. Fitzpatrick 9.600, 2. Olson 9.567, 3. J. Fitzpatrick 9.5, 4. Smith 9.483, 5. Tabi Dorshorst (Wisconsin Rapids) 9.433, 6. Bianca Bakkar (Middleton) 9.167. Balance Beam: 1. Smith 9.583, 2. Olson 9.533, 3. Alt 9,483, 4. Brittany Emond (Homestead) 9.467, 5. Skibba 9.417, 6. Calie Kaiser (Sheboygan North/South) 9.4. Floor: 1. Benavides 9.600, Lauren Zurowski (Franklin combined) 3. B. Fitzpatrick 9.433, 4. Shannon Hein (Fanklin combined) 5. Jessica Krause (Arrowhead) 9.367, 6. Skibba 9.333.


All-Around: 1. Riley Claude (River Falls) 36.767, 2. Jessee Lerud (Grantsburg) 36.433, 3. Sarah Duff (Mount Horeb) 36.234, 4. Lauren Faust (Mount Horeb) 36.050, 5. Alex Van Gilder (Rice Lake co-op) 35.917, 6. Randi Fuller (Elkhorn Area) 35.884. Vault: 1. Emma Madson (Holmen) 9.400, 2. Van Gilder 9.300, 3. Claude 9.200, 4. Haley Hentrich (Platteville co-op) 9.167, T5. Karlie Place (River Falls), Duff 9.067. Uneven Bars: 1. Claude 9.533, 2. Lerud 9.282, 3. Van Gilder 9.200, T4. Duff, Madsen 9.167, 6. Fuller 9.017. Balance Beam: 1. Hentrick 9.033, T2. Jackie Runde (Platteville co-op), Van Gilder 9.017, 4. Samantha Dziak (Waterford) 9.0, 5. Faust 8.933, 6. Fuller 8.9. Floor Exercise: T1. Hentrich, Faust 9.25, 3. Alyssa Kuhse (River Valley) 9.233, 4. Madsen 9.183, T5. Claude, Jozie McClelland (Viroqua co-op) 9.167.


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