Red Raiders Eye State Title

Red Raiders Eye State Title


Red Raiders Eye State Title


JAMESTOWN, N.Y.- Anything less than a Section VI championship wouldn’t be meeting Jamestown’s 2013 goal. The Red Raiders haven’t made it past Ralph Wilson stadium in the past two years. And now, Tom Langworthy’s squad is using last year’s loss to Orchard Park as a way to push themselves.

“I think that it motivates our kids because for two years in a row we’ve been right there and we want to get back there again and we want to win that game. That’s what we’re thinking about, you win that game and you go beyond to make a run at it. That’s some things that we’ve talked about in the off season but that is a long ways a way,” explained Head Coach Tom Langworthy.

It seems the players would agree with Coach Langworthy. Senior running back Daquon Hollingsworth explains why he still thinks about that game. “I feel like we could have won that just because certain plays we could have won the next play. We use it as motivation and just taking it one day at a time to get better and better,” said Hollingsworth.

Other than making it past the Section VI championship, junior Zack Panebianco explains how high Jamestown has set the bar this year. “Our expectations are limitless this season. We know we’ve been to the Ralph two years in a row and we couldn’t get it done but we know we have what it takes now. We don’t have a limit to what we can do,” said Panebianco.

In order to build a championship team, a coach needs his players to have the right mindset. A winning attitude must be present and senior quarterback Jake Sisson explains the mentality Jamestown has this year. “We’re just a team and we all work together. There’s a lot of chemistry between us and a lot of returning starters on offense. The defense is working real well in the off season and the first few days of practice so I feel confident about our team and our coaches feel confident about our team,” said Sisson.

Coach Langworthy certainly demonstrates confidence in his team this season. He sees his team being tough in all aspects of the game. “I think we should be strong everywhere and that’s the expectation. We want to play good solid defense and play physical football. We want to be able to be an efficient offense and get up and down the field. Then on special teams we want to be fundamentally sound and we want to make the other team have to account for us on the special teams. I think we should be a very well rounded team and we should play smart football and be a physical, dominant team,” said Coach Langworthy.

One aspect of the team Jake Sisson feels confident about is his offense. Sisson plans on out working his opponent’s defenses with a new kind of game plan. “If I had to describe it, it would be a well balanced up tempo, no huddle kind of offense that we’re going to try and run this year,” said Sisson.

To run an up tempo offense, many things need to come together in order to have success with it. But Jake Sisson points out the most important part of running this type of offense.

“Conditioning for sure you have to be well in shape and keeping the defense off his heels. You have to mix it up here and there, run, pass make sure it’s balanced so they’re not sure what’s coming next a run or a pass. Basically you have to keep the tempo up, if you slow down you let the defense get a chance to catch their breath a little bit and catch up to the offense,” said


Jamestown’s up tempo offense isn’t the only thing Jake Sisson feels confident about. He also displays that mentality about this year’s schedule. “Yes, obviously we consider ourselves the favorite in this division. We consider ourselves the favorite in every game we play in,” Sisson explained.

Jamestown opens the 2013 season against Niagara Falls on September 6th.


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