Scoopshot: Pets & Sports II

Scoopshot: Pets & Sports II


Scoopshot: Pets & Sports II


Scoopshot of the week

USA TODAY High School Sports, in conjunction with Scoopshot, launched a photography series in which anyone could see their work published here. Scoopshooters were asked to send entertaining, high school sport-related photos that addressed each week’s Scoopshot task and we featured the photos each week that we thought best completed the task. Click any photo to view all the submissions to this Scoopshot task.

We had a lot of fun with pets & sports before… so why not do it again? This week’s feature photo comes from Trent Skogstad of Tumwater, WA. The Tumwater T-Birds football team just got a mention regarding their recent win over the Bellarmine Prep Lions.

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This fantastic shot comes to us from Britni Hendrix of Yale, OK. Her caption says, “Senior football boy with the monster mini Aussie :)”

Well Britni, the little Aussie isn’t exactly a bulldog but I’m thinking school spirit was boosted by the pup anyway. If this was from last week’s game, the Yale Bulldogs took a bit of a beating from Kiefer, 41-14.

Yale is 3-4 overall and competing against a lot of tough competition in a high school football mecca.

It takes a lot of guts to practice all summer, battle your way onto a team, and compete all fall against some of the better high school teams in the country. Kudos to the Yale Bulldogs for having a great fan base.

If you were selected today, please jump in the comments and tell us your pup’s names.

Congratulations to our Scoopshooters of the Week!

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We’ll feature at least shot each week, so, grab your mobile phones and get ready for the next Scoopshot task.


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