Scoopshot: Represent!

Scoopshot: Represent!


Scoopshot: Represent!


Scoopshot of the week

USA TODAY High School Sports, in conjunction with Scoopshot, launched a photography series in which anyone could see their work published here. Scoopshooters were asked to send entertaining, high school sport-related photos that addressed each week’s Scoopshot task and we featured the photos each week that we thought best completed the task. Click any photo to view all the submissions to this Scoopshot task.

This week’s task asked you to send us a photo best representing your high school or team. It’s great to see the creativity on display and different interpretations of this task. The feature submission came from Allyson Switzer showing the cheer squad from Socastee High School in Myrtle Beach, SC.

scoopshot-3157-6511 small
Our second selected submission comes from R. Talbot of District Heights, MD. “Bishop McNamara High School’s Mighty Mac greets 10-year-old fan Amelia Talbot at the student-run Family Fun Festival. McNamara’s football team went on to trounce visiting St. Mary’s Ryken High School later that afternoon.”

The Mighty Mac seems to carry a hammer that puts Thor’s lightning hammer to shame, but, young Amelia isn’t worried. There are some other exciting mascots pictured in the gallery below. Our Scoopshooters do a great job every week of making our selection process difficult.

Keep up the great work.

Congratulations to our Scoopshooter of the Week!


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We’ll feature at least shot each week, so, grab your mobile phones and get ready for the next Scoopshot task.


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